TX7T Marquesas 2019

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TX7T will be on air from November 7th until 17th November 2019. Marquesas team have a website for more information, please click TX7T Marquesas 2019.

Logs will be uploaded to M0URX OQRS. Please do not send me emails. If you have a busted or missing call, please use the form on OQRS. Click button "NOT IN LOG"

IOTA: OC-027
Locator: CI00lf
ITU Zone: 63 CQ Zone: 31

Bureau Posting November 2019

QSL cards have been posted to 87 World Bureaus – Monday 11th November 2019
This mailing is a joint mailing between M0OXO Charles, M0URX Tim & M0SDV Jamie.
I would very much appreciate feedback from you when the QSL cards start arriving at World Bureaus or received by hams around the world? This feedback will be added to our data below.
This mailing features cards from the recent expeditions,
The parcels are sent by Priority Business Mail to get to the Bureaus quickly.
Total amount of QSL cards dispatched: 23,541
Via M0URX 8,239
Via M0OXO 12,500
Via M0SDV 1,472
Via MD0CCE 941
Via G4IRN 200
Via G4ZIB 189

Total Weight 83,783g (gross weight includes packaging)


Read more: Bureau Posting November 2019

5U9AMO Pierre QRV in November

K1600 QSL-5U9AMO-FRONT-2Pierre, 5U9AMO will be QRV from Niger between 15th November to 25th November 2019

CQWW CW contest + CW activity before and after.


"In the 2013 and 2018 QTH i had problems with high noise level on low bands. This year i will have another QTH with more space for the antennas. I will try to install a 90 meters BOG and a pennant antenna. Unfortunately there is not enough land for a beverage."

- Yaesu FT-991 transceiver (100 watts output).
- 13.8 volts DC 23 Ampers power supply.
- Spiderbeam 404-UL multiband antenna (10m to 40m).
- Inverted 'L' with 9:1 UnUn for 30m, 60m, 80m and 160m.
- 2 Spiderbeam 12 meters telescopic fiber masts.
- 1 Spiderbeam radial connection box.
- 2 x 25m Messi & Paoloni Hyperflex 5 coaxial cable.
- Win-Test logging software.

MD/OP2D QSL Preview

A DXpedition doesn't finish when the antennas are pulled down at the end of the day. Work is ongoing for weeks after the team arrive home. Logs have to be collated, emails answered, sponsors terms and conditions must be met. QSL cards have to be designed which means I need a fast turn around from the team to decide on which photographs to use on the QSL card, text needs to be agreed and the with the help of Max ON5UR who has put together another proffesional set of designs for the NBDX Team's DXpediiton MD/OP2D and the World Wide Flora & Fauna activities QRV as MD/ON4CKM/P from the Isle of Man.
QSL Requests please use OQRS 
K1600 QSL-MD-OP2D---300gr--glanslaminaatK1600 QSL-MD-OP2D---300gr--glanslaminaat-BACK
K1600 QSL-MD-ON4CKM-P---300gr--glanslaminaatK1600 QSL-MD-ON4CKM-P---300gr--glanslaminaat-BACK

Calling A DX Station When QRP

on-air-radioQRP operators have a tough time out there in the pile up, not only are the high power stations loud and often wide but with Solar Minimum with SFI at 66 or just a little higher, every Watt of power the QRP'er uses has to be used wisely and with much greater skill than everyone else. 
So from the DXpedition's point of view how can you hone your skill into getting your call into the log. Firstly, most of the DX Teams are trained and thrive on pulling weak signals out of the noise and your callsign is the only thing the team wants to hear at this point.
Listen to the band, find a clear spot in the pile up either using your band scope or using VFO B, this will give you that edge. In any pile-up most callers will be at the bottom or top of the listening range so find somewhere in the middle that will allow you to be heard.
Just use your callsign when calling, it is very easy to cause harm in a pile up and slow the DX station down, if the DX operator loses concentration his Q rate goes down which helps no one, so resist from using /QRP. If the DXpedition can hear /QRP he can hear your callsign, once the DX has had to return "/QRP?" You have already lost his Q rate, concentration to boot. All he needs is your callsign.
Here is what the Radio Regulations say:

Article 19 of the Radio Regulations (2016) state -

19.45 § 21 1) The twenty-six letters of the alphabet, as well as digits in the cases specified below, may be used to form call signs. Accented letters are excluded.

19.46 2) However, the following combinations shall not be used as call signs:

19.47 a) combinations which might be confused with distress signals or with other signals of a similar nature;

19.48 b) combinations in Recommendation ITU-RM.1172-0 that are reserved for the abbreviations to be used in the radiocommunication services. (WRC-15)

Recommendation M.1172 which is primarily a Maritime Mobile Service document says -

     1 The series of groups listed in this Annex range from QOA to QUZ.

So, it is clear the Q operating codes do not form part of the call sign. By just using your Callsign, in a clear part of the DX operators listening range will stand you a much better chance of getting in the log, this will then also help the DX station work you and keep his concentration and Q rate and help others get in the log too!

NOT IN LOG? Here is what to do.

NIL-1Please note that I do not accept "Busted call" emails or "Not In Log" emails. You will not get a reply!
If you have a case where you find that your call is incorrect or missing from the log simply click "NOT IN LOG?" button and fill in the form on the OQRS. 
All such inquiries will be sent to a work queue for checking. So you should not be sending me emails. 
VERY IMPORTANT - READ the Last QSO in the log: date and time. If your QSO is after that... WAIT for a log update.

MD/OP2D Isle of Man

K800 Logo
NB DX Team is on the road again
Callsign : MD/OP2D
Date: 21-27 September 2019
Location : Isle of Man

Team :

QSL Information

QSL ONLY VIA M0URX - United Radio QSL Management Bureau
OQRS (Online QSL Request System) 

NO incoming Bureau - ONLY OQRS for Bureau

DX Commander M0XXT QSL

M0XXT - DX Commander QSL cards are now available for QSL Request on the OQRS.
K1600 QSL-M0XXT---300-gr---glans-laminaatK1600 QSL-M0XXT---300-gr---glans-laminaat---BACK

DX Commander In the Cotswold Hills

M0XXT/P from the Cotswold Hills

I only went out to get some groceries..... and was gone 24 hours! I ended up driving to the Cotswold Hills to visit Callum, M0MCX,  from DX Commander, You Tube channel and Tom, M0RMY who were testing out one of the DX Commander verticals, well it would be rude not to say hello! On a lovely summers day the perfect tonic, a drive into the countryside and a dabble at some RF.
The live stream on Callum's You Tube channel was great fun, I felt it brought the viewers into the shack with some banter and enabled them to be involved in the testing of the antenna, this also gave us a window on to the pile up. QSL Via M0URX OQRS
Thank you to Callum and to Tom for letting me join in the DX fun at M0XXT/P.
K1600 file5K1600 file3

HC5DBT Ecuador QSL Preview

Here is the QSL preview for Dervin's recent trip to Ecuador as HC5DBT. The design will soon be in the print room.
QSL Via M0URX OQRS only.
K1600 QSL-HC5DBT---300-gr---glans-laminaatK1600 QSL-HC5DBT---300-gr---glans-laminaat-Back

HC5DBT Ecuador

PD9DX Dervin Beldman is currently in Ecuador. Dervin has had to return back to the licencing authority for a new licence now QRV as HC5DBT.

We advise that you if you worked Dervin as HC5BDT work him again again with the new call sign HC5DBT.

Meanwhile I will work with Dervin to see if we can get the original licence paperwork validated. It appears that this was an error from the licening authority.



GS0NWM Isle of Mull

K800 QSL-GS0NWM-3GS0NWM - Isle of Mull
May 17th - 24th  2019
The Tynemouth club is once again travelling to the Scottish Islands for a week of IOTA fun. This year we have decided to go to the Isle of Mull. We are taking 4 operators and a dog! It is our intention to work as many other amateurs around the world and confirm the Isle of Mull on as many bands and modes as possible.
​This year we are also hoping to operate on some of the WSPR modes as well as VHF & UHF.
All QSO's will be updated to Log search / OQRS when internet access can be gained. FACEBOOK - @GS0NWM 
Operating Ethics:
Operate in accordance with the DX CODE OF CONDUCT.
We will give our call regularly.
Always give your full callsign.
If we are working split we will regularly announce the QSX freq.
Please wait for the QSO to finish.
M0KLO - Bob, G0SBN - Glen, G8YFA - Tony, ​M0GAE-  Graham . GM3WOJ - Chris & Bella - The Jack Russell
All QSO's will be updated to Log Search / OQRS & Clublog when internet access can be gained
Equipment List:
Radio's & Amplifiers 
Kenwood 590s
K3 Elecraft KX3 - JT modes
Acom amplifiers
Masts & Antenna's
Hexbeam Antenna (MW0JZE)
30m, 40m & 80m verticals
Morse keys - Bencher, Kent & K8RA P4.
Heil & Kenwood headsets
Timewave navigator - FSK RTTY
Win-test (DX Expedition mode) logging software.

Islands On The Air 500 Certificate

I really enjoy IOTA and after a lot of effort I have achieved the IOTA 500 Island Groups certificate for M0URX.

Many of the Islands worked to gain this award are thanks to the DXpeditioning skills and expertise of the Russians. Chasing some of these far away Islands have required some effort on both sides, from the DXpediton perspective and the DX chaser, especially with being at sun spot minimum.

DXpeditions include RT92KA Alyumka Island AS-092, RT9K/0 Dobrzhansogo Island AS-203, RI1F Viktoriya Island EU-190, RT65KI Idlidlya Island AS-065 R23RRC Pitchiy Island AS-091. Many of the expeditions have been expertly put together by the Russian Robinson Club.

VE3LYC Cezar & his team has also provided me the chance to work some great IOTA expeditions like ZL9A Antipodes Island OC-286Right.... now to work the next 500?

IOTA 500

Can we help sending your Bureau cards? Yes!

United Radio QSL Bureau has an Outward posting to all IARU World QSL Bureaus 3 times per year.
I welcome anyone to use this service.

30,000+ QSL cards are posted every year.
£6 per kilo or 60p per 100g (Equivelant to $0.89 per 100g)
All QSL cards must be pre-sorted into the IARU Bureau sequence.

Parcels should be posted to:

Tim Beaumont M0URX
83 Limbrick Avenue

Tile Hill

CoventryWest Midlands




All parcels should be securely packaged using plenty of packing tape to seal the box against bursting.

Outgoing Bureau - We cater for all users of the IARU Bureau system, this reduces the financial burden on our National Societies. Mail is shipped to World Bureaus using the M-Bag Priority product for fast delivery to all World Bureaus around the globe.
All users of the Bureau are welcome to use the facilities here for your outgoing QSL cards. (By prior arrangement, costs apply) Bureau does not mean slow!
Our Bureau service is subsidised by donations of OLD Out of date IRC's. Do you have any?

United Radio QSL Bureau


V31IT Belize QSL Preview

Here is the QSL design for the recent activity from V31IT Madison, in Belize. Thank you to Max ON5UR for the QSL design.
K800 QSL-V31ITK800 QSL-V31IT-Back

PDXG Announce South Orkney DX'pedition.

southOrkneyIslandsFor Immediate Release  Press Release #1 March 15, 2019

South Orkney Islands DXpedition (AN-008)

After their successful VP6D Ducie Island 2018 DXpedition, the Perseverance DX Group (pdxg.net) is pleased to  announce their intention to activate South Orkney Islands, currently ClubLog #16 most wanted.

Planning has begun for an expedition in Feb/Mar, 2020. A team of experienced DX and Contest operators will operate from Signy Island for up to 15 days. The process of obtaining landing permission is underway. The call sign will be announced at a later date. The team will sail from Punta Arenas, Chile aboard RV Braveheart. Seven operating positions are planned for 160-10 meters, SSB/CW/Digital.

The team includes: Dave K3EL, Les W2LK, Steve W1SRD, Ricardo PY2PT, Gene K5GS, Arliss W7XU, Heye DJ9RR, Laci HA0NAR, Mike WA6O, Vadym UT6UD, Walt N6XG and Rob N7QT.

Additional details will be released as they develop. 
Donations may be made via the website. 
Website: https://sorkney.com/
Please direct your questions to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

73, South Orkney 2020 Team

Bureau Posting March 2019

QSL cards have been posted to 88 World Bureaus – Saturday 2nd March 2019
This mailing is a joint mailing between M0OXO Charles, M0URX Tim & M0SDV Jamie.
I would very much appreciate feedback from you when the QSL cards start arriving at World Bureaus or received by hams around the world? This feedback will be added to our data below.
This mailing features cards from the recent expeditions,
The parcels are sent by Priority Business Mail to get to the Bureaus quickly.
Total amount of QSL cards dispatched: 15,763
Via M0URX 4,290
Via M0OXO 8,374
Via M0SDV 2,507
Via MD0CCE 206
Via G4IRN 257
Via G4ZIB 129

Total Weight 64,713 (gross weight includes packaging)
Total Cost £333.89 £5.16 per kg (Net weight excludes packaging)

Read more: Bureau Posting March 2019

VP6D QSL Posted

VP6D QSL MailingVP6D - Ducie Island QSL cards were mailed on Monday, February 4, 2019 from the United Kingdom.
The mailing included all OQRS and Direct Mail confirmation requests received by this mailing. Also included were cards shipped to foundations / clubs for distribution. Subsequent mailings will occur on a regular basis.

Bureau cards will be shipped to the worldwide bureaus at a later date.
Please allow sufficient mail time before inquiring about missing cards.

How is the job done?
There is quite a lot of work in getting the mailing out, labelling the 5,000 envelopes ready for the cards to arrive from the printer is the first job. Once the cards arrive I label all the 6,000 QSL cards and stamp with verification mark.

With all the cards and envelopes in call sign order, it is time to start filling the envelopes with the QSL card and the leaflet from the primary sponsor NCDXF.

As I continue, the envelopes need to be kept in country order as many of the cards are sent using a mailing contract where I am required to bag all the letters for that country, and for the USA I am also required to sort in four Zip code areas before bagging the USA letters as these are sent with routing labels to JFKA, FOA, ORDA and LAXA. Then finally, the complete mailing is taken to the Mail Centre where the mail is loaded to a lorry to go to (HWDC) Heathrow Worldwide Distribution Centre.

Then..... a few days later we see reports on Twitter of the QSL cards arriving like this:

Now it's my turn! I got QSL for VP6D today. Great."


Merry Christmas

I would like to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas and Best Wishes to all in 2019.

Please note that I will be answering all OQRS and post during the festive season.


To prevent any loss in the mail this week, the next posting date for outgoing direct QSL cards will be Wednesday 2nd January.. 


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