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Bureau March-19United Radio QSL Bureau has an Outward posting to all IARU World QSL Bureaus 3 times per year.
I welcome anyone to use this service.

30,000+ QSL cards are posted every year.
£6 per kilo or 60p per 100g (Equivelant to $0.89 per 100g)
All QSL cards must be pre-sorted into the IARU Bureau sequence.

Parcels should be posted to:

Mr Tim Beaumont C/O Royal Mail,
Kenilworth Delivery Office,
Barrow Road

All parcels should be securely packaged using plenty of packing tape to seal the box against bursting.

Outgoing Bureau - We cater for all users of the IARU Bureau system, this reduces the financial burden on our National Societies. Mail is shipped to World Bureaus using the M-Bag Priority product for fast delivery to all World Bureaus around the globe.
All users of the Bureau are welcome to use the facilities here for your outgoing QSL cards. (By prior arrangement, costs apply) Bureau does not mean slow!
Our Bureau service is subsidised by donations of OLD Out of date IRC's. Do you have any?

United Radio QSL Bureau


V31IT Belize QSL Preview

Here is the QSL design for the recent activity from V31IT Madison, in Belize. Thank you to Max ON5UR for the QSL design.
K800 QSL-V31ITK800 QSL-V31IT-Back

PDXG Announce South Orkney DX'pedition.

southOrkneyIslandsFor Immediate Release  Press Release #1 March 15, 2019

South Orkney Islands DXpedition (AN-008)

After their successful VP6D Ducie Island 2018 DXpedition, the Perseverance DX Group ( is pleased to  announce their intention to activate South Orkney Islands, currently ClubLog #16 most wanted.

Planning has begun for an expedition in Feb/Mar, 2020. A team of experienced DX and Contest operators will operate from Signy Island for up to 15 days. The process of obtaining landing permission is underway. The call sign will be announced at a later date. The team will sail from Punta Arenas, Chile aboard RV Braveheart. Seven operating positions are planned for 160-10 meters, SSB/CW/Digital.

The team includes: Dave K3EL, Les W2LK, Steve W1SRD, Ricardo PY2PT, Gene K5GS, Arliss W7XU, Heye DJ9RR, Laci HA0NAR, Mike WA6O, Vadym UT6UD, Walt N6XG and Rob N7QT.

Additional details will be released as they develop. 
Donations may be made via the website. 
Please direct your questions to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

73, South Orkney 2020 Team

Bureau Posting March 2019

Bureau March-19QSL cards have been posted to 88 World Bureaus – Saturday 2nd March 2019
This mailing is a joint mailing between M0OXO Charles, M0URX Tim & M0SDV Jamie.
I would very much appreciate feedback from you when the QSL cards start arriving at World Bureaus or received by hams around the world? This feedback will be added to our data below.
This mailing features cards from the recent expeditions,
The parcels are sent by Priority Business Mail to get to the Bureaus quickly.
Total amount of QSL cards dispatched: 15,763
Via M0URX 4,290
Via M0OXO 8,374
Via M0SDV 2,507
Via MD0CCE 206
Via G4IRN 257
Via G4ZIB 129

Total Weight 64,713 (gross weight includes packaging)
Total Cost £333.89 £5.16 per kg (Net weight excludes packaging)

Read more: Bureau Posting March 2019

VP6D QSL Posted

VP6D QSL MailingVP6D - Ducie Island QSL cards were mailed on Monday, February 4, 2019 from the United Kingdom.
The mailing included all OQRS and Direct Mail confirmation requests received by this mailing. Also included were cards shipped to foundations / clubs for distribution. Subsequent mailings will occur on a regular basis.

Bureau cards will be shipped to the worldwide bureaus at a later date.
Please allow sufficient mail time before inquiring about missing cards.

How is the job done?
There is quite a lot of work in getting the mailing out, labelling the 5,000 envelopes ready for the cards to arrive from the printer is the first job. Once the cards arrive I label all the 6,000 QSL cards and stamp with verification mark.

With all the cards and envelopes in call sign order, it is time to start filling the envelopes with the QSL card and the leaflet from the primary sponsor NCDXF.

As I continue, the envelopes need to be kept in country order as many of the cards are sent using a mailing contract where I am required to bag all the letters for that country, and for the USA I am also required to sort in four Zip code areas before bagging the USA letters as these are sent with routing labels to JFKA, FOA, ORDA and LAXA. Then finally, the complete mailing is taken to the Mail Centre where the mail is loaded to a lorry to go to (HWDC) Heathrow Worldwide Distribution Centre.

Then..... a few days later we see reports on Twitter of the QSL cards arriving like this:

Now it's my turn! I got QSL for VP6D today. Great."


Merry Christmas

I would like to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas and Best Wishes to all in 2019.

Please note that I will be answering all OQRS and post during the festive season.


To prevent any loss in the mail this week, the next posting date for outgoing direct QSL cards will be Wednesday 2nd January.. 

6Y3T QSL Preview

6Y3T QSL for the CQWW CW Contest 2018 has now been designed by Max, ON5UR. QSL cards will be in the print room soon. OQRS open.
K800 QSL-6Y3TK800 QSL-6Y3T-Back

TG9AJR Guatemala

Welcome to TG9AJR, Juan Carlos Muñoz to U.R. QSL Bureau, great to have you on board Juan. The QSL has been designed by Max ON5UR, showing Lake Atitlan in Guatemala. QSL Via OQRS.

ADIF uploader "standard"

ADI uploader
When using our OQRS system to request your QSL cards, we have a tool for you to upload your ADIF which autofill’s the QSL request form. All you need from your log is a “Standard ADIF”

If you are using a logging software that exports between 60 to 100 fields in an ADIF this is NON standard.

If you are not familiar with ADIF (Amateur Data Interchange Format) then you can read more on here:

So if you are not able to upload your ADIF to the tool, please just remove the non-standard fields and this will upload fine!
I highly recommend ADIF Master for making amendments to logs and ADIF files.

6Y3T November activity

VE3RZ will be QRV as 6Y3T Jamaica between November 20th to 26th with activity in the CQWW CW contest and will be M/2. Outside the contest the team will try to be QRV on 60m on CW or FT8.

QSL will be available using OQRS here: 

Z68UR QSL Preview

Max ON5UR has designed the Z68UR QSL. Cards will be printed and posted in November.
OQRS is open for your double Z68UR QSL.
K800 QSL-Z68UR---Dubbel-2
K800 QSL-Z68UR---Dubbel-BACK

5U9AMO Niger 2018

QSL-5U9AMOPierre, 5U9AMO will be QRV from Niger between 20 November to 03 December 2018

CQWW CW contest + CW activity before and after

- Yaesu FT-991 transceiver (100 watts output).
- 13.8 volts DC 23 Ampers power supply.
- Spiderbeam 404-UL multiband antenna (10m to 40m).
- Wire antennas for 60m, 80m and 160m.
- 2 Spiderbeam 12 meters telescopic fiber masts.
- 1 Spiderbeam radial connection box.
- 2 x 25m Messi & Paoloni low loss coaxial cable.
- N1MM and Win-Test logging software.
- The 2018 QSOs will be uploaded in LoTW in February 2019

V47X QSL Preview

V47X QSL Preview - Thank you to QSL designer Max ON5UR. 

HB0/ON4ANN QSL Preview

HB0/ON4ANN QSL Preview - Thank you to QSL designer Max ON5UR.
QSL cards will be posted in early November.



Cartoon mode

Here is the busy M0URX shack.
K800 M0URX Station

FT8 DXpedition QSO Completed?

With an abundance of DX’peditions about to take to the air on FT8 using Fox & Hounds it is very important to remember that you must have received “RR73” from the DX station for the QSO to be logged by the DX station.

Sending a screen shot of your signal report exchanges is absolutely pointless and useless. Please let me explain?

The file that counts is the FT8 text file from the DX station. I can search that file in seconds and bring up the exchange between the two stations, I am seeing this time and time again that the DX station has not received the report from the caller so the DX station cannot complete the contact with “RR73” so NO 2 way QSO has been completed.

You can send as many screen shots as you like to show that you sent a report but that does not show, and you do not see that the DX has not received that report and has not completed the QSO with you.

Look, it is as simple as this….. if I was on SSB and recorded myself calling the DXpediton, giving my report that is not proof that the DX heard me… NO QSO!

Please stop sending screen shots they are irrellevent! Try again to make another QSO, or wait until the end of the DXpedition and ask the QSL manager to check the text file of the DXpedition!

Z68UR Log Uploaded

Z68UR Log uploaded to OQRS
We have repaired an issue with the log. Please report any problems on the "NOT IN LOG" button on OQRS. Thank you

Did I really work it?

As a QSL manager, as well as sending out the QSL cards one important job is to consider busted call or missing call inquiries. This may sound straight forward, after all a QSO is either in the log or it is not. But add in the adrenaline that rushes through the brain when you work an All Time New One (ATNO) then there is a chance of, mishearing, misunderstanding, euphoria, excitement, satisfaction, amazement, or doubt and all those emotions will take a split second.

Quite often after the emotions have passed and this can be literally seconds you think “did I really work that station?”

This is where the online logging comes in to its own, however what happens when you check the log and your call sign isn’t in it? All that adrenaline tells you that you did work it, but in that split second it takes, actually you didn’t, it was someone else with a call sign close to yours, but you are so sure it was you that you send an email to the QSL manager accusing the team of being deaf and stupid, I mean, how can they get MY call sign wrong, everyone knows who I am, top of Honour Roll in all the awards programs! So you demand that the team correct the log immediately. The QSL manager swings into action, emails the logged station, checks the matched data on Logbook of The World and shows the proof that NO, actually the team logged the correct call and you have to deny the DX’er of his moment of glory.

But, making the DX’er actually believe the evidence that you provide is like getting blood from a stone, instead he will email the operator who he thinks he worked and demand that he tells the idiot of a QSL manager he has to correct the log. Then what do you do? Luckily I work with some good DXpedition teams that say my decision is final. Of course I will always double check my facts, and work with the DX team to find the answers.

I think it is also important to consider that the operators on a DXpedition are working long shifts, they also go through spells of euphoria, amazement, excitement, satisfaction and doubt and also spells of despair. These guys are our team in the field or on the Island, sleeping under moonlight, if they are lucky! So please understand that mistakes happen and also consider the conditions at the DXpedition end, they could have Aurora, high noise QRN or QRM, severe weather and not to mention possibly hundreds of stations calling them at the same time, and ask yourself honestly could you cope in these conditions?

DX really IS more important than life or death to some. So why do I do it? Well I ask myself that regularly, but I do love doing what I do, I love DX’ing and QSL’ing and working with the DXpedition teams, it is all part of the game.

TX5T QSL Preview 2018

The QSL for TX5T Raivavae, Austral Islands DXpedition has been designed by Max ON5UR.
361 Direct QSL cards posted on 20th September.




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