TX3X QSL Mailing

Created on Sunday, 27 December 2015

TX3X1Whilst most people were stuffing the Christmas turkey over the last few days, I was stuffing the TX3X Chesterfield Reef QSL cards into envelopes for the big mailing.

As Global Mailing Consultant to the TX3X Team, it was my job to ensure that the QSL card was designed by ON5UR Max Rymenant (Maxi-Print) to the specification requested by the team, and also process the OQRS requests and complete the QSL mailing in a timely manner.

As a result, packages to our sponsors DDXG, GDXF, MDXC & SWDXF, along with 2,749 letters to the deserving will be posted by business mail class on Tuesday 29th December and should reach you very soon.

Thank you to the TX3X Team for trusting me with this important job! For more information on the TX3X project please go to www.TX3X.com 

K800 QSLTX3X-DoubleK800 QSLTX3X-Double-Back

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