5U9AMO Pierre QRV in November

Created on Tuesday, 29 October 2019

K1600 QSL-5U9AMO-FRONT-2Pierre, 5U9AMO will be QRV from Niger between 15th November to 25th November 2019

CQWW CW contest + CW activity before and after.


"In the 2013 and 2018 QTH i had problems with high noise level on low bands. This year i will have another QTH with more space for the antennas. I will try to install a 90 meters BOG and a pennant antenna. Unfortunately there is not enough land for a beverage."

- Yaesu FT-991 transceiver (100 watts output).
- 13.8 volts DC 23 Ampers power supply.
- Spiderbeam 404-UL multiband antenna (10m to 40m).
- Inverted 'L' with 9:1 UnUn for 30m, 60m, 80m and 160m.
- 2 Spiderbeam 12 meters telescopic fiber masts.
- 1 Spiderbeam radial connection box.
- 2 x 25m Messi & Paoloni Hyperflex 5 coaxial cable.
- Win-Test logging software.

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