V63MJ Kosrae Island IOTA OC-059

W5MJ Madison Jones will be QRV as V63MJ Federated States of Micronesia on Kosrae Island OC-059 from 16th - 24 February 2015. CW only 160m to 10m. Using K3 transceiver, and KPA500 amplifier. 

QSL Via M0URX Direct & OQRS.
Bureau OQRS only please.

DXpedition Planning - Avoid those school boy errors!

We have all heard about the "DX Code of Conduct" and how important it is for all of us, DX chasers and DX activators to follow rules to reduce DQRM and other nasties. As a QSL manager I am able to see much of what happens behind the scenes and feel that the new year is a good time to help those of you planning DXpeditions in the future to make sure that you are fully prepared for your adventure. Many of the circumstances I describe below HAVE happened to the teams that I have worked with and some of them are so "school boy error" that you often do not even think about it until the problem occurs.

Happy New Year 2015 from M0URX

A Happy New Year 2015 to DX'ers everywhere. Lots of projects ahead in the coming months in which I promise to do my best to keep the QSL cards leaving here both Via Direct and World QSL Bureaus. 
I am always looking for new DX partners to work with to compliment the worlds DX'pedition teams in the way of your QSL management.. If you have some IOTA or DXCC plans for the year ahead and would like a professional QSL Management service then please drop me a line as I would love to help.
A big thank you and Happy New Year also to the DX'peditioon teams and DX Stations that I have been working with in recent years. Thank you for your professional work in updating me with logs from where ever in the world you have been.

No Stamps - Thank you

Just a reminder as a QSL manager for many stations, some QSL managers cannot accept stamps as return postage. For me QSL = $2.
Without the $ I would not be able to provide a free Bureau service. In 2014 i sent out 31,000 bureau cards which taking into account of printing and carriage costs it works out as £1,600 and this would not be possible if stamps were used.

Another consideration is that from the United Kingdom although some letters can weigh 10g 97p, most will weigh 12g or more which is £1.28 (over $2)

Many UK QSL managers use a mailing contract using Postage Paid Imprints,(not stamps) and on this contract letters to USA can be as little as 60p. So for us using stamps is just throwing money away which is better invested in our bureau costs and other DXpedition costs.

Some may say that making a business out of QSLing is just not on! But we have a duty to provide the best quality of service for both you the DX chasers AND the DXpedition teams. Regrettably I have received a lot of envelopes with insufficient stamps either I have to use $ to put the extra stamps on or the QSL goes Via Bureau.

Hope this explanation helps a little? Have a great 2015 to you all, have a safe New Year!

HI2DX Saona Island NA-122 QSL Preview

Here is the QSL Preview for HI2DX Saona Island NA-122 DXpedition. QSL cards will be printed in the first week in January, I expect all direct cards to be posted end of January. Bureau cards will be sent to all World Bureaus in my February mailing.



M0URX Christmas Post

Today I posted out my last bundle of letters before Christmas. My next QSL mailing will be on 27th December.

OQRS is open as normal and all QSL requests will be processed through the Christmas week ready for the next dispatch.

Merry Christmas to everyone, thank you to you all for a very busy QSL service through 2014

2015 Bureau Policy for M0URX

M0URX United Radiio QSL Service values the bureau system very much and recognises the DX'ers need to use the system to receive QSL cards for stations they work.
2014 has seen the RSGB conducting a Bureau Review in which it looked at the usage of the RSGB Bureau system by QSL managers here in the UK, in which I have been co-operatiing with the RSGB to find a way forward so that you can continue to request QSL cards for Bureau dispatch.
It is important to remember that ALL of my OUTGOING bureau cards are sent to all IARU World bureaus every four months in February, June and October at my expense and NOT Via the RSGB Bureau, so this review took the cost saving to the RSGB in my outgoing bureau expenses into account.
Whilst I can still RECEIVE QSL cards for call signs that are RSGB members or affiliated call signs to the society, I am NOT permitted to receive QSL cards as "QSL Via M0URX" if the call sign is NOT an RSGB member or affiliated call sign.
The only RSGB members that I look after and that do collect incoming QSL cards are: G1VDP, M0URX, OY1OF, PJ4DX.
For ALL other call signs especially ALL DXpeditions you must NOT send me any QSL requests Via Bureau, instead use my OQRS facility here: http://www.m0urx.com/oqrs/
NO DXpediton QSL cards should be sent TO ME Via the bureau system, it is costly and very time consuming to process those QSL requests, for this reason United Radio QSL Bureau will be charged by the RSGB per kg for all QSL cards that are incorrectly sent to me for NON RSGB member call signs.
Use the Online QSL Request System OQRS ONLY please.
No Bureau system is free, and therefore I ask you to respect my new Bureau Policy of OQRS ONLY for NON RSGB member call signs. 
Your local IARU Bureau will receive the Online QSL Requests every four months giving you a very fast service.
Thank you for your attention.


EP6T Workshop to Prepare Equipment for Iran

HI2DX Update

HI2DX Log Issues
Some work has been done to recover missing QSOs and work is ongoing to repair the log completely, I ask for continued patience while I work through some repairs
I have now re opened the OQRS for HI2DX. 
QSL Via M0URX for DIRECT but for Bureau please ONLY use OQRS.
Please do not send your card Via bureau  - we do not need it. ONLY use OQRS.
Thank you

MX0LDG QSL cards Posted

155 letters for MX0LDG posted 4th December 2014. Also posted are the latest 4W/G3ZEM QSL requests.

QSL Cards Arrived!

DimitriWe all love to receive QSL cards and this week SV2YC, Dimitri sent me a photo which made me smile. Dimitri requested a pack of QSL cards from the stations that I am QSL manager for a few days ago.

Thank you Dimitri for the photograph. 

4W/G3ZEM cards posted

K800 QSL-4W-G3ZEM-2
394 letters were posted today for 4W/G3ZEM. Please expect delivery within the next 5 - 7 days. If you also requested MX0LDG, they will be posted next week.

HI2DX Saona Island NA-122


saona dexpedition banner

HI2DX will take place at the end of 2014 by a team of operators leaded by HOTEL INDIA DX CLUB, INC. in a join effort with top DX operators from LOMA DEL TORO DX CONTEST CLUB, RADIO CLUB DOMINICANO, UNION DOMINICANA DE RADIOFICIONADOS UDRA and RADIO CLUB DE SANTIAGO among guest operators from FLORIDA CONTEXT GROUP, and other guest operators joining the team from the US.

To provide the possibility for every amateur radio station in the world - even those running QRP or very simple antennas - to make at least one contact with Saona Island.

To enable all level users and to DXers to put HI2DX in their logs on as many bands and modes as possible.

Besides the Dxpedition we will conduct a MEDICAL OPERATIVE PROGRAM to bring basic medical assistance and donate medications to residents of the island.

SAONA ISLAND is located in the southeastern part of the Dominican Republic

(Lat: 18° 7' 47.0814" /Long: -68° 40' 5.9376")

Surface area of 110 squared Km.

International Incidents Update

Mail delayI quite frequently get emails asking me "Why hasn't my QSL package arrived?" Well you can be sure that we take your QSL requests very seriously indeed!

Sometimes delays in mail transportation can be the result of many International Incidents and may not always be obvious or specific to your region but may be the cause of a delay in the routing of your International Mail.

Incidents such as flooding, earthquake, fire, strike, flight delays, damage to aircraft ILS, war and government restrictions. I have seen all the above incidents causing delays in my time as QSL manager and one way to see if there is an event that could be the cause of your delay look on the "International Incidents Update" page at Royal Mail which gives quite a comprehensive list to incidents around the globe.

4W/G3ZEM Timor-Leste QSL Preview

Here is the QSL card preview of 4W/G3ZEM. All direct QSL cards are scheduled to be posted at the end of November.


MX0LDG Isles Of Scilly QSL Preview.

The QSL for MX0LDG Isles of Scilly DXpedition is now ready to be printed. 



EP6T Press Release 2

Thank you for your interest in EP6T DXpedition! 
Since its publication many DX groups and individuals offered to support this expedition which we highly appreciate.   So far, the preparations are progressing smoothly and according to plan.
Exchange of QSL cards with EP is not always going smoothly and sometimes high costs are involved to cover postal  expenses. As in the past with previous Rockall DX Group expeditions we asked Tim M0URX to take care about the QSL chores for the EP6T operation. Together with Max ON5UR, responsible for the QSL card design and printing, they are a great team and without doubt you can count on a fast service. And yes, the complete log will be uploaded to LoTW right after the expedition has ended.
We would like to thank Dr. Azim Fard.  Dr. Fard is Director General of the Communication Regulatory Authority (CRA) and amongst others is responsible for the radio amateur licenses in the I.R of Iran. Together with his team and the people of national security, he has made this expedition possible.
This expedition stands for “ friendship and cultural tolerance. 
In a country with 80 million inhabitants and only 13 (!) radio amateurs, the user manual written and edited by Tony ON6TM will be a guide for students to learn the basics for their Ham radio ticket.

MX0LDG Isles of Scilly EU-011 Team

MX0LDG EU-011 QRT many thanks to all that called in.

Left to right John M5JON, Rob MW0RLJ, Pete M0ILT & Ant MWØJZE.

2014 Outgoing Bureau Costs

Each year United Radio QSL Bureau dispatches bureau cards to all World IARU Bureaus every three months, the recent dispatch this week was our third one in 2014 so it is time to give you our report for the year.

In 2014 I have once again worked with Charles, M0OXO in our bureau posting, this helps us both keep down our outgoing expenses. 31,260 bureau QSL cards have been dispatched this year. All our packages are sent using online business account with Royal Mail, we use several products on the account to best suit the size and weight of the item. All of the packages are sent by Business Mail Priority so that we can be sure that they reach their destination as fast as possible and at a cost that is the most competitve in the industry.

It is very important to remember that bureau cards are NOT free, it actually costs us a considerable amount of money every year which has to be financed by the work that we do here, that is why direct cards cost $2, that is why i do not accept stamps.

The RSGB are in the process of doing a "Bureau Review" in which we have been asked to pay more for the incoming bureau service that we have from the RSGB Bureau. At this stage we are still waiting to hear from the RSGB as to how much this is going to cost. So this is a good time to remind you that for ALL DXpeditions you should NOT send incoming bureau cards to us as they are not required, they cost us money to receive them. You must always use OQRS to request your DXpediton IOTA & DXCC bureau cards. This will save us a considerable amount of money and time, and you will get your bureau cards very quickly.

Thank you to all the bureau staff at the IARU bureaus, we value your work very much. There are some that are giving outstanding service, notably the Venezuealan bureau where members informed us that cards had arrived in just 24 days after we had posted them. Thank you.

Using OQRS for direct QSL cards is the fastest and best way to request your QSL cards and this will help us fund our outgoing bureau for the future. Any donations are most welcome of course... Thank you. 

MX0LDG using new 7 band Hexbeam

K800 DSC 0104
MX0LDG IOTA DXpedition to Isles of Scilly EU-011 this week are using the new 7 Band Broadband Hexbeam by MW0JZE Anthony. 

The 7 band Hexbeam includes a 40m dipole element. The team will be using this antenna on 40m so please listen for them and work them from wherever you are in the World, Anthony would very much appreciate genuine signal reports on this band.

You can read more about the MW0JZE 7 Band Hexbeam 40m - 6m by clicking on the link.

The team very much look forward to working you all on Isles of Scilly, St Mary's Island.

The team have no internet so logs will be uploaded after the DXpediton. 

QSL Via M0URX Direct & (Bureau OQRS only). Please do not send us any bureau cards for this activity.

MX0LDG Isles of Scilly EU-011

MX0LDG will be QRV from the Isles of Scilly EU-011. We will be operating from the main island of St Mary's.

K800 K800 QSL-MX0LDG

Dates: 15th October 2014 to 22nd October 2014

Operators: John M5JON   Pete M0ILT   Ant MW0JZE and  Rob MW0RLJ

We plan to have 3 stations on air. In the main it will be SSB.

x1 Elecraft K3 With KPA500 Amp
x1 Kenwood TS570 With Expert 1K FA Amp
X1 rig (TBC)                With Expert 1K FA Amp 
X1 Kenwood TS480 (200w) for CW and Digi Ops

All antennas are once agian supplied by Ant MW0JZE
x2 G3TXQ Hex Beams  x1 40m vertial  x1 Windom 80m  

QSL Via M0URX -   For Bureau Requests please ONLY use OQRS to request your Bureau QSL. 
Please do NOT send any incoming Bureau cards they will not be collected.


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