FAO DL Club Station Operators

I am getting a lot of QSL requests from German Club Station operators for QSL cards under their own personal call sign. Sorry but these will be returned NOT IN LOG!

If you are the operator of the Club Station and you want to claim the QSL for your personal call sign, then you MUST also be logged by the DX with your HOME CALL. The Club Station call sign is not valid for your personal call.

Work continues.......

The work continues since the posting of the EP6T QSL cards last Tuesday. The DXpedition E30FB to Eritrea closed with 62,500 QSO's and instantly the OQRS was busy with all your requests, already over 2,200 requests have been processed, envelopes printed and placed in trays in country order. Just to give you an idea how many are now using OQRS i have only received 276 direct letters so far for E30FB. Also over 1,000 bureau requests processed.

Other incoming requests have filled a box with 197 outgoing letters that will be posted on Monday, and a new supply of 14 boxes of envelopes ready for your QSL request.

I am waiting for the first bureau cards to land since we posted them on Tuesday! WHICH Bureau is the worlds FASTEST? If you get your bureau cards in the next week or two send me a photo of you with the QSL card for the blog! 

Commercial on You Tube

I have just spotted a commercial on You Tube from a company called MTN Group. It features a boy that wants to discover and uses Amateur Radio to talk to the Space Station. Inadvertently it is probably the best ever commercial for Amateur Radio I have ever seen (It isn't supposed to be advertising ham radio haha)

The moral of the story is Life is too short for QRP.

I just love this!

1st Class Post for EP6T

K800 20150318 162600MW0JZE, Anthony was first to report receiving his EP6T QSL card this morning after it was posted yesterday.

Closely followed by 2M0JMN John, thank you for the feedback guys.

I am especially looking for feedback on the bureau cards posted too! How about a photo too please? As soon as you get yours, please let me know! Thank you 

VU2CDPWhile VU2CDP reports receiving the QSL card in just 4 days in Mumbai India!

EP6T QSL Cards Posted

K800 QSL-EP6T-DOUBLETuesday 17th March 2015  -

 3,008 Direct letters have been posted for EP6T delivery is between 3 - 7 days.
Packages also sent to GDXF, DDXG & SDXG.

ALL Bureau cards requested before the 8th March have now been sent to all World Bureaus on our mailing today.

I would like to thank Charles M0OXO, who helped me process the letters over the last few days. It has taken over 100 man hours since the arrival of the cards from the printer last week to label cards, fill the envelopes & package the directs and bureau.

Bureau Posting News Outgoing! March 2015

QSL cards have been posted to all World Bureaus todayTuesday 17th March 2015 


This mailing is a joint mailing between M0OXO Charles and M0URX Tim
I would very much appreciate feedback from you when the QSL cards start arriving at World Bureaus.

This mailing contains C5X VK9/G7VJR and EP6T.


Total amount of QSL cards15,538

Via M0URX 10,072

Via M0OXO 5.466
Total Weight 62.469 kg

Total Cost £265.90 per kg £4.26
Average postage cost  1.7p per QSL card.

A busy week ahead!

I have received quite a lot of emails and calls this week about the schedule for EP6T QSL'ing! In the hope that we can keep the emails down to a minimum this week here is the time schedule for the next 10 days or so.

Friday 6th March - EP6T QSL cards were picked up from Maxi-Print in Belgium by our courier.
Tuesday 10th March - EP6T QSL cards expected to arrive at United Radio QSL Bureau.
Courier delivered parcels.
Bureau labels will be prepared and placed on QSL cards and sorted to bureau bins.
2,000 Bureau cards prepared today.
Wednesday 11, Thursday 12th and Friday 13th - Direct QSL labels will be prepared and placed on QSL cards.

Saturday 14th and Sunday 15th - Direct QSL Letters will be processed ready for a mailing. G1VDP Chris &                                         M0OXO Charles will be working with me over the weekend to ensure the job is completed.
Monday 16th March - M0OXO and M0URX will package up all Bureau boxes to World Bureaus.
Tuesday 17th March - All Direct and Bureau cards will be posted.

I then have two weeks off work to dedicate to the E30FB team in processing the direct and bureau requests and of course the busted call emails. 

Just to note that I am currently on "Bureau Lock down!" Which means that as of today I will not be processing any more bureau requests until the schedule above is completed. ALL OQRS bureau requests processed on 08/03/2015 or before will be sent out on this Bureau posting.


Eritrea OQRS E30FB now live!

Eritrea 2015 OQRS E30FB is now live here https://www.m0urx.com/oqrs/logsearch.php


Please DO NOT use OQRS unless your QSO is CONFIRMED on Club Log. Thanks.

V63MJ - Broken Parts, Broken Hearts Kosrae 2015

K800 447 1
After having a great solo DXpedition to Pohnpei in 2012, I thought it would be appropriate to return to Micronesia, this time to Kosrae, OC-59, especially since I now had a 500 watt amplifier light enough to carry with me. I knew V6 was in the Top 100, so why not? Micronesia is just north of the Equator, and the 8000 mile haul to North America was doable. Although ClubLog propagation charts do not show any 160 activity to NA out of the 350 or so logs submitted, I figured that it was because no one had attempted that path yet. A challenge, true,
but one I was willing to accept!
This one would be the same route as before – Texas to Honolulu and then island hopping to Kosrae. I did an Internet search and came up with the Village Resort and Eco Lodge, complete with thatched huts on the beach, a restaurant and bar, pretty solid wireless, 110 volts and US style outlets, drinking water, dancing girls, the whole package, and the price was reasonable. I could sleep under a mosquito net, run the pileups day and/or night as I chose, 160 through 10. Even better was that my calendar was mostly free in mid-February, so I could
do the ARRL DX CW contest as DX.
I started planning right after Visalia and Dayton in the spring month of 2014, asking around to see who might be interested in either going with me. 
Well, to be sure it was like the story of the Little Red Hen: nobody wanted to go, but there were no end to the volunteers to see if they could work me on 160 once I got there! This is not to imply there were none to assist me in my preparations, as we shall see. I always look for travel buddies on these trips to share the weight
of equipment, to share to operating time, to share to experience, and to help me figure out how to fix the things which always go wrong.

EP6T QSL Preview

As QSL sponsors of EP6T, ON5UR Max & M0URX Tim are pleased to show you the preview of the EP6T QSL designs. QSL cards are on schedule to be in the post later in March. 











K800 QSL-EP6T-Single-2K800 QSL-EP6T-Single-Back




Eritrea Project 2015

Press Release #1
By JH1AJT- Y. Zorro Miyazawa
The SEISA/Foundation for Global Children is pleased to announce our next activity as “Eritrea Project 2015”.  As part of this project, we will conduct an amateur radio DXpedition from Asmara Eritrea, from March 6th to 17th, 2015.
A multi-national team of nine operators, consisting of:
Zorro - JH1AJT Team Leader
Paul - N6PSE Co-Leader
Franz - DJ9ZB
Jay - JA1TRC
Yuki - JH1NBN
Kazu - JH1OGX
Thomas - NQ7R
David - WD5COV
Dmitri - RA9USU
We are very excited about this announcement as it has taken many months of careful planning and negotiations to bring about this amateur radio event.  Our DXpedition call sign will be assigned to us upon our arrival in the capitol of Asmara.
We will use four transceivers consisting of two Elecraft K3 radios with the KPA500 amplifiers and two Kenwood TS590 transceivers with the ACOM 1010 amplifiers.
We will use beam antennas for the high bands (10-20 meters) and four verticals for the low bands (30-160 meters) We will try to work every area as much as possible.
Our QSL Manager is Tim - M0URX.
We are thankful to have the following sponsors supporting our Plans:
Northern California DX Foundation,
German DX Foundation,
International DX Association,
Northern California DX Club,
Southwest Ohio DX Association,
Intrepid-DX Group,
Lone Star DX Association,
Northern Illinois DX Association,
Swiss DX Foundation,
Western Washington DX Club,
Southeastern DX Club,
Orca DX and Contest Club,
Southeast Michigan DX Association,
Carolina DX Association,
Northern Ohio DX Association,
Oklahoma DX Association,
Danish DX Group,
Long Island DX Association,
Western New York DX Association,
and Elecraft.
If you wish to make a donation via PayPal, our address is This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
(note-please do not send email to this address, it is for PayPal purposes only)
Thank you & 73,
SEISA/FGC Radio Team
Jay – JA1TRC

PJ4F Bonaire - IOTA SA-006

Stan WS5K will be QRV as PJ4F on Bonaire IOTA SA-006 from February 15th - March 15th 2015.

QSL Via M0URX Direct.

Bureau OQRS only please.

V63MJ Kosrae Island OC-059

W5MJ Madison will be QRV as V63MJ from the Federated States of Micronesia on Kosrae Island OC-059
16th - 24th February 2015.
CW only 160m - 10m - 500W using an Elecraft K3 & KPA500 Amplifier.
QSL Via M0URX Direct
Bureau OQRS only please.

Bureau Posting News

We have decided to hold back our February Bureau posting for a few weeks until sometime in March. We have both the EP6T and C5X QSL cards to add to this Bureau dispatch. More news as soon as we know the dispatch dates.


EP6T OQRS is open now! Please follow link: http://www.m0urx.com/oqrs/

HI2DX Letters Posted

HI2DX QSL cards arrived from the printer today, 363 letters will be posted on Tuesday 27th January. Sorry these have taken longer than I would normally expect, there were a considerable amount of logging issues to work through.

Log backed up?

Have you worked any good DX lately? Then BACK UP YOUR LOG!

Please take note that I DO NOT give out date and time data from my logs. That includes EP6T.

Please do not email me saying you have a HDD crash! Back your log up!

EP6T Update

team ep6tWe are constant aware of the unbalanced amount of "EU-NA-VK-AS" QSO's. We do our best do bend this fact but 10 days is perhaps to less time to satisfy everybody. We are trying to call for certain area's, but are not always have the control on the hard to find "HAM spirit". Jammers, calling with fake calls and disrespecting the operators, sending disgraceful emails and calling us names is sometimes to much for us. PLEASE A LITTLE MORE RESPECT is needed.

Last night was the first day to enjoy RX with no local QRM. There is a noise level we must concur but this is not local. Many JA's made it through on the low bands, and on 80m some NA stations made it through. Only as far KV4FZ and NP2X was worked on 160m. Even EU was hard to work at sunrise.

We have 4 RX antenna's we can switch but when conditions are bad there's nothing we can do.

Today we had a visit of the Iranian press TV. They made a report and will be transmitted on the air tonight. We seem to be famous people over here, hihi.

We will do a logupdate on a regular base. We can't do any log adjustments at the moment. Our QSL manager will adjust when possible after the operation. Just send a mail with your busted call together with the time, band and mode you worked us.

As QSL manager I am working hard answering emails regarding logging enquiries. I received the LoTW certificate on Tuesday. Thank you to the LoTW support team especially Kathy Allison and Dave Patton. EP6T team gave me permission to upload the logs to LoTW a few hours after the team upload to Club Log, once i am sure that the log is correct.

EP6T Arrives In Tehran

We have good news! Everything is going as planned, we passed customs in Tehran with ALL our equipment, and are now waiting for our domestic flight to Kish Island! The help of Dr Fard was very much appreciated again and we were very happy to be welcomed by so many people of the local amateur radio society in the middle of the night. The 50 km trip between airports which was arranged by Mohammed (EP3MIR) and his assistant Ali went perfectly. All official departments on Kish island have been notified about our radio expedition. There should be no restrictions. In a few hours after arrival on the island we will start building the antennas, and setting up the stations. Expecting to be on air by midnight January 16th.

MS0OXE 2015 Activity Planned

All flights have been booked and QTH confirmed. 9th September to 16th September.

The team will take three flights and transfers to get to our QTH and should arrive by 1600z on the 9th September if all goes to plan. so, we should be QRV on the 9th early evening time. we will be QRV until PM on the 15th September weather permitting. we may have to QRT early if the weather turns bad.

Due to mains power limitations on the island we will QRT each night at 2300z and QRV each day at 0700z. we have looked at taking or hiring a generator. but in the end it was going to be a lot of trouble to get one on the island or courier one to the island.

As mentioned above, we have scheduled a band plan to suit. we will be QRV on 10 through to 40 meters only. MODES- CW, SSB and RTTY. we plan to have 2 stations on the air throughout each day from 0700 to 2300.

ANTENNAS. we have decided on using vertical mono band dipoles for each band as we have salt water very close to the antennas, less than 10meters, according to google earth.

We will upload to club log each day and LOTW on return home.

QSL’s will be handled by Tim, M0URX OQRS Direct & OQRS. Bureau OQRS ONLY a new QSL will be designed for this dxped.

Most of all, we will have fun doing it.. look forward to working you. 73 MS0OXE.


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