Donate your old out of date IRC's to United Radio Bureau!

What can you do with out of date IRC's?

We all have them don't we? Old out of date IRC's, yellow ones, blue ones or a stack of recent IRCs that expired in 2013. Package them up and send them to United Radio.
We will return these OLD IRC's to the UPU in exchange for stamps. You can help by donating your old out of date IRC's and sending them to us.
We will use the money to pay for printing of QSL cards for the next sponsored DXpedition team.
Thank you kindly for all IRC's sent.

History of Russian Robinson Club

A short Break!

IOTA 50LUnited Radio QSL Bureau is taking a short break. I will be back to work on Monday 7th July. I will be answering emails during my break but QSL management will resume on my return.

I look forward to meeting many of you at the 50th IOTA Convention on the 4th to 6th July at Beaumont House Windsor.

9M6XRO/P June 26 - 30

QSL-9M6XRO-PORTABLE9M6XRO/P will be operating from Labuan Island OC-133 on Thursday 26th for a long weekend staying until June 30th.

John reports "I am taking my Icom IC-7000 and IC-2KL Linear with vertical antennas. I will operate on 40-10m near
the IOTA CW & SSB freqs, possibly some RTTY also."

For Bureau requests please only use my OQRS

QSL's Used to Claim Awards

United Radio QSL Bureau are very much aware that we have to make sure that QSL cards are valid for as many Award programs as possible. It is not always possible to keep everyone happy all of the time. So whether you are working towards DXCC, IOTA, QRP or whatever award where QSL cards are required I will always try to accomodate your needs.

I have recently exchanged several emails with a few QRP operators who request their QSL reports to be made out as /QRP. I would like to make it quite clear that my policy is to always write the call sign in the format that the licencing authority have licensed your Amateur Radio call sign. As far as I am aware no licencing authority issues /QRP on the licence documents. I think you would agree that if i started calling as M0URX/QSL you would think it was not correct and you would be right. Q-Codes are NOT part of your call sign! Neither is it my job as a QSL Manager to verify the power of your transmitter.

If you want a specific contact out of 5 in the log to be on a separate QSL please let me know, and providing you pay the correct postage for the amount of QSL cards you need then I will try to do this for you correctly. I have also communicated with a QRP club who have said that for their awards the QSL cards do not have to have /QRP and is down to the claimaint to verify which QSOs on a QSL are QRP.

OQRS & Direct Letter Rates.

Over the last few months the bank dollar exchange rates have been dropping quite heavily against other currencies. So that we can continue to provide the very best in QSL management our charges for QSL exchange have changed very slightly. With OQRS I have changed from €2 to GBP £2 and also increased very slightly the multi QSL offer for direct letter with $ to reflect the devalued dollar.

The following is a breakdown of Direct Postage Costs. Considering other QSL managers charge $2 per card, United Radio QSL Management Bureau believe the following is very reasonable.

 QSL Direct
      1 QSL only by post     =    US $2           or Paypal GBP £2. OQRS  (STRICTLY NO IRCs)

Multi QSL Direct - If you need to request more QSL cards take advantage of my Multi QSL offer.
As some of you DX and QSL as a group or friends, to reduce costs this may help you.

     2 to 4 QSL's by post    =    US $3           or Paypal GBP £3.   OQRS 
   5 to 10 QSL's by post    =    US $6           or Paypal GBP £5.   OQRS 
 11 to 20 QSL's by post    =    US $9           or Paypal GBP £7.   OQRS 
 to 30 QSL's by post    =    US $14         or Paypal GBP £10. OQRS

The Hunt Is On!

Which IARU Bureau is the fastest? The hunt is on to find the Bureau service that sends out the fastest Bureau cards from the batch of VK9MT QSL cards.

On Monday June 2nd, eleven thousand QSL cards were sent to World Bureaus. Included in this posting was over 1,000 VK9MT Bureau cards. Have you got yours yet?

Let me know if you have? Please drop me an email, I am looking for the fastest sorters in the World!
Bureau does NOT mean slow!

Back Online!

serverSorry for the downtime on Saturday 7th June, both the website and the OQRS were offline for a few hours. The server data centre was becoming unreliable and our IT manager has now moved us to reliable data centre. Sorry for any inconvenience today.

Normal service resumed. Thank you.

VK9MT QSL Mailing - June 2nd 2014


On Monday, June 2, 2014 all outgoing VK9MT Mellish Reef QSL cards will be mailed from the United Kingdom.

Included in the mailing are all (received to date) OQRS requests, all requests made directly to the QSL manager and bulk packages of outgoing cards to: 

• Danish DX Group
• DX-Italia
• German DX Foundation
• Mediterraneo DX Club
• Swiss DX Foundation

All 2.724 individual letters are posted by Priority Business Mail and should arrive in 5 - 7 working days. This depends of course on your local postal service. Please contact our QSL manager Tim Beaumont, M0URX for any letter that does NOT arrive by July 1st. Sample cards for those clubs and foundations that requested them will be handled individually.

Additionally, requests for confirmation through the worldwide bureau system will be bulk mailed Priority Business Mail to the worldwide bureaus. LoTW was uploaded shortly after the DX-pedition.

"We would like to thank Tim, and his team for their excellent service and attention to detail. Tim reminds everyone that the fastest way to get your QSL is through OQRS."

And, of course, we would like to thank everyone that worked us, we are happy to confirm many All Time New Ones and band fills. We appreciate the support from the global foundations, clubs and individual donors who made this project possible.

For more information


Bureau Posting News - Outgoing June 2014!

QSL cards have been posted to all World Bureaus, Monday June 2nd 2014. 


This mailing is a joint mailing between M0OXO Charles and M0URX Tim
I would very much appreciate feedback from you when the QSL cards start arriving at World Bureaus. This Bureau mailing includes VK9MT ZD8UW & 3B9FR.


Total amount of QSL cards 11,146
Total Weight 37.5 kg




Read more: Bureau Posting News - Outgoing June 2014!

US Dollar Hits New Low

I have been watching the value of the US Dollar fall, fall and fall some more, from $1.75 to $1.82 then $1.90 to the GB£ Sterling. This affects the value of dollars coming in for postal QSL card requests.
Although for the time being I will accept $2 for one QSL card, it is getting very close to having to increase this to $3 for one QSL.
Please if possible use my Online QSL Request System OQRS instead of posting QSL cards to me.

VK9MT QSL Shipment nearly ready!

IMG 1132VK9MT Double QSL has been printed, Max reports that the first box will soon by leaving the office in Belgium.

Photograph by Max, ON5UR. Thank you.



VK9MT QSL Preview

The Mellish Reef VK9MT QSL card has now been designed and will be in the print room from May 11th. Thanks to Max ON5UR for the design work.

There will be two designs, a 4 sided card folded card for direct QSL and a 2 sided card that will be mainly used for bureau use, and also for direct when more than 10 QSO's are needed.

If you still have not requested your QSL? Please use the OQRS:

Schedule for posting: We expect to be able to post all QSL cards Direct on 2nd June and Bureau QSL cards will be posted to all World Bureau soon after.

So far, 14,200 QSOs (35%) have been marked up for QSL either direct or bureau.




QSL Status

So what has been happening in recent weeks since you made your OQRS request for VK9MT?
What is the status of the QSL?

While the VK9MT team were working their way back home from the Pacific, work here at the QSL management Bureau has been going well, but just WHAT have I been doing?

Firstly there were many emails, logging enuiries, questions that had to be answered, this was done, the busted calls were corrected, the log was uploaded to LoTW with permission from the VK9MT team.

OQRS requests came in fast and so far all Direct and Bureau OQRS requests have been "Processed"

What does "processed" mean? and why haven't I got the QSL yet?
This is what many of you are asking, "Processed" means that your OQRS request has been processed into the log for direct or bureau QSL. It cannot be posted yet because the QSL cards have yet to be printed.
OQRS is NOT Ebay! Just because you pay by PayPal, it does not mean you get the QSL in 10 days! The QSL process works exactly the same as if the QSL was posted to me.

All direct letters have also been processed through the logs and all envelopes are now in country order in seven mail trays in my office.

Sponsoring DX organisations often request QSL cards for their members which I prepare and package up and post to the DX society HQ. In this case files from DDXG, DX Italia, GDXF, MDXC and Swiss DXF have all been received and processed through the log.

If you were a $50+ donor, I have processed your QSOs to QSL direct, envelopes have also been prepared and placed in the mail trays. These QSLs are being sent out free as a token of our appreciation of your support. 
Please use Club Log and check your QSOs are correct. If you think you have a busted, please email me.

Dave, K3EL was the team photographer and arrived home in mid April and started to sift through the images of the DXpedition to provide me with the photographs needed to design the QSL card. The photographs, the text, the logos are now all in the hands of our QSL card designer Max, ON5UR and soon we will be able to proof the QSL design before it goes to the print room.

That is where we are today, all on schedule and still working hard to get you the ATNO in your QSL collection.

QSL posting is scheduled for June 2nd 2014.

Final Press Release Mellish Reef 2014

For Immediate Release:
Final Press Release Mellish Reef 2014
April 17, 2014

VK9MT Mellish Reef was activated on 30 March at 04:34z with ZL4PW first in the log and went QRT on 4 April at 1353z with JL1MTY closing the log.

Our decision to leave the island didn’t come easily; safety was always the first priority. Just as the last QSO was made it became clear we could not remain on the island another day. It was 01:00 (local) when the rain began. The wind was blowing at about 35 - 40 knots; we had water infiltrating the operating tents and the antennas were taking a severe beating. Over the 6 days we were on the island the weather grew progressively worse each day.
After a short meeting the on-island operators decided to QRT and begin packing the equipment in pelican cases for protection. We spent the next several hours packing equipment using head and hand torches.

When the Zodiac arrived for the 6AM shift change we began taking down the antennas and tents. Once the storm was officially declared Cyclone Ita there was no question we made the correct decision.
Our 10 day goal was 80,000 QSOs and as much RTTY as possible. In 5 days we made 40,000 Qs which put us on track for the original target.

ClubLog QSO summary:
- Europe 36.1%
- Asia 29.8%
- North America 29.1%
- Oceania 3.4%
- South America 1.2%
- Africa 0.4%

- CW 61%
- SSB 30.5%
- RTTY 8.6%
All Time New One:
- All modes 26.1%

Unique Calls:  32.1%

The team of eleven operators and five boat crew worked well together. The measure of success isn’t how well one follows the plan but instead how we react to the unplanned. The weather required significant plan changes. Until we arrived at the reef the skipper was unable to determine if nighttime travel to and from the reef was possible. As it turned out, because of the many coral heads, the reef could only be travelled during daylight hours when the underwater coral was visible.

We watched Mellish Reef weather for weeks before leaving but Cyclone Ita required us to improvise, adapt and overcome. We knew things would get worse as reports of death and destruction came in from the Solomon Islands.
While disappointed, we are happy to have given ATNOs, band fills and to have put people on the Honor Roll and Top of the Honor Roll.
We appreciate the support from the corporate sponsors, foundations, clubs and the individual donors. When the books are closed we’ll provide an accounting to the clubs and foundations.
The team received many e-mails from the global DX community; we thank you for your concern, kind words and understanding.

WP 20140417 004
Logs, QSLs and LoTW:

Our QSL manager Tim M0URX reports he’s made great progress with busted and missing calls. ClubLog is up to date with the most current logs, and is updated as problems are resolved.
LoTW will be uploaded at the time this Press Release is distributed.
It is estimated that the actual QSL cards will be in the mail by the end of July.
Those donating $50USD or more do not have to request their QSL; Tim will handle this for you.

Upcoming Hamfest Season:
Several members of the VK9MT on-island team will be attending the Dayton Hamvention and the Friedrichshafen Ham Radio - International Exhibition for Radio Amateurs, as well as local ham club meetings and conventions.

For additional information please e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
73, Team Mellish 2014

GS0NWM Isle Of Arran EU-123 QSL Preview

The QSL card for GS0NWM / GM5N Isle of Arran DXpedition has been designed and will soon be ready for delivery after Easter.


QSL Policy

Just to make it 100% clear! The QSL Policy below is the same for ALL call signs managed by M0URX. 
It does NOT matter if you make 1 or 25 QSOs with VK9MT the cost is the same as below.


Please direct your QSL requests Via M0URX with the following route options:


Direct QSL by OQRS: (payment via PayPal) is GB£2 ( )
(We pay 30p PayPal charge on every transaction)

Bureau QSL by OQRS: ( )
If you require a QSL via the bureau please use OQRS to provide your QSO details and request a QSL to be sent via the bureau. There is no charge and this will be the fastest way to receive a bureau card. Please remember we do not require YOUR QSL card Via the Bureau. QSL Via M0URX"  Via Bureau only for those who do not have access to the Internet.


Please also include a Self Addressed Envelope 114mm x 162mm .
NO Euro coins please !!!NO postage stamps accepted.
Due to many SASE being under paid, will be sent Via Bureau

Any person donating US$50 or more to VK9MT, will have the QSL automatically sent for all QSOs, free of charge. These donors do not need to request QSL cards or take any action to redeem the QSL. M0URX will post these cards to all $50 donors as soon as the cards are ready.


LoTW upload will be done at the earliest opportunity

VK9MT Update

April 5th

Due to the ever worsening weather associated with an impending tropical storm, the team decided in the interest of safety to end the operation early.

The last night on the island was extremely difficult. With continued heavy rain and wind, radio operations were nearly impossible. We have set sail for the Australian coast and seek a course to keep ahead of the storm that caused us to leave the reef. Expect 2.5 - 3 days of sailing prior to reaching our port destination.

While the team is disappointed, we realize that you are even more disappointed.

We gave one elderly ZS amateur his last one for Top of the Honor Roll, a PP1 his Honor Roll position and many all time new ones. Based on the logs there were many band fills.

We would like to acknowledge the generosity of the clubs, foundations, individual donors and our corporate sponsors. And a special thanks to Steve Kafka and the Evohe crew for their endless runs to the island, help with every logistical task during the trip, and the strong backs of his young crew doing the heavy lifting.

73, Team Mellish Reef 2014



April 4th 2130 local
1. The winds continue to be very strong. 

2. We experienced antenna damage and are reassessing the antenna situation, we have alternatives. 

3. We are running 4 stations tonight due to antenna damage. 

4. The generators and radios are doing well. 

5. The KPA-500 Power Amplifiers are doing well. 

6. The operating tents are holding up well, but the break tent is damaged. 

7. We are on a different operating plan, with frequent breaks because of  the weather. You will hear us QRX for up to an hour, then return. 

8. We are receiving requests for specific geographic / band operation. Under the circumstances these will be almost impossible to fulfill. 

9. The skipper will assess the weather situation throughout the night and decide if it's safe to remain at Mellish Reef. 

10. At the moment we're on the island and operating.

 Team Mellish 2014

 April 4

The wind continues to blow very hard. 

We will remain on the island for at least 18 more hours. 

The skipper is watching the weather maps throughout today and into the night. 

He'll reassess the situation tomorrow morning and make a decision. 

The tents are holding up well, but with the wind noise and flapping of the tent walls is quite noisy we're having some difficulty with the noise. 

The antennas continue to play well, however they are somewhat bent over by the high winds and need continual maintenance. 

The team is holding up very well, other than one cut finger, no other

We're working on the logs and will send an update shortly after this
bulletin goes out. 

We're making about 7,000 Qs a day, propagation drops out several times a day. The productive bands are the usual HF frequencies. 

The Pilot reports are coming in on a regular basis and we review at each shift change. 

Team Mellish 2014


April 3, 1535 (local) Update 2

The weather continues to change. Last night there were torrential downpours and high winds. 

The antennas survived with no damage, the break tent took on some water through an open window. The operating tents maintained their integrity and no equipment was damaged. Today it has been hot and humid, with high winds. 

We removed non essential equipment and several antennas, including the 160 antenna, from the island. Tonight we will try to keep at least 3 stations on the air. Tomorrow morning we will remove all remaining equipment from the island and head towards Australia. 

We do not yet have a destination identified, it will depend on the winds and sea conditions. Eventually, we will return to Mackay. 

Even if the storm subsides it is unlikely we will have enough time to return to the island. 

Team Mellish Reef 2014


For immediate release: Update 1

The skipper is monitoring a tropical depression several days north of Mellish Reef. This severe weather has the potential to disrupt operations. We have at least 24 hours before any decision is made on how to proceed, we have plans to deal with the situation.

At 0700, April 3rd (local) we plan the following:

1. All unnecessary equipment will be removed from the island, leaving just the operating tents, radio equipment, generators and antennas.

2. Depending on the intensity of the weather we may be forced to terminate the operation early. Another alternative is to temporarily leave the island and return when safe.

3. Any decision to modify or terminate the operation is at least 24 hours away. The safety of the DX-pedition team and the crew is the first priority.

4. To better use the time on the island we ask that band fills be suspended and only people that need Mellish Reef for and All Time New One call us.

5. For at least the next 24 hours we will focus our attention to those bands that drive highest rates to maximize ATNOs.

As news develops we will send out additional information. The only source for VK9MT Mellish Reef information will be these bulletins

Team Mellish 2014

MS0OXE Isle Of Tiree EU-008 - QSL cards posted.

QSL-MS0OXEMS0OXE direct QSL cards have been posted for the activity last week from Isle of Tiree EU-008. The team reports making 10,200 QSO's on this trip and also did well in the CQ-WPX contest with 3,711 QSO's with a total of 11.1 million points.

The team have arrived home in the Black Country and are looking forward to meet up again soon for a curry night.

VK9MT Update Day 1

1. After 2 full days of setting up equipment - 5 stations opened for business at 2:40PM local time, March 30th.

2. The boat is at anchor 500 meters from the reef.

3. Because of the coral heads that surround the island we can only transit to Mellish Reef during daylight hours, 5:30AM first trip and last trip of the day at 5:30PM.

4. Teams will alternate operating through the night.

5. We opened on 10, 15, 20 on CW and 12, 20 on SSB, working energetic but courteous pileups from Japan, Korea, Europe, South Africa, and the USA.

6. The temperature is in the 30s(C) during the day, with continuous 20 - 30 knot winds that required us to reset the tents and guys first thing this morning. There are no trees on the reef, no shade.

7. No antennas were damaged during the high winds.

8. Only the 160 meter antenna and low band receive antenna remain to be installed.

9. The team is in good spirits and happy to finally be on the air.

10. There are many sea birds nesting on the reef, they don't seem to be bothered by our presence. We are not bothered by any other local wildlife.

11. As with their other DX-peditions, the crew of Evohe is very helpful, bringing over all the equipment, doing all the heavy lifting, and keeping the team well fed.

12. We do have a problem with the computer used for the satellite terminal, we're working on a solution. We will start log uploads as soon as possible.

We are NOT monitoring personal e-mail accounts.

Next update in a few days.

Ed: Logging issues should be directed to M0URX. Please do not email pilots with logging issues. Either work the slot again or ask Tim, M0URX to check log. 

Outgoing Bureau Feedback

Some Outgoing Bureau feedback. OE7PGI, Philipp, reports receiving PJ4DX, OY1OF & EA6/G4MKP QSL cards already. Requested on 25 January 2014 using OQRS. Posted to the Austrian Bureau on 3rd February. Excellent service. 

Remember all Bureau cards are posted DIRECTLY to World Bureaus every 3 or 4 months, posted using Air Mail service for fast shipment. So by using my OQRS you can receive your Bureau cards quickly.

Thank you Philipp for the feedback! Bureau does not have to be slow!


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