C6 Envelopes for sale 500 per Box

Here at United Radio QSL Bureau I have been asked if we can supply C6 114mm x 162mm Envelopes. Well yes we can but the postage obviously bumps the price up so it will be cheaper if you have a local supplier.  

£25.00 GBP per Box - C6 114mm x 162mm Peel & Seal standard White 100Gsm Envelopes 500 per Box

Payable Via PayPal to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Price includes delivery Worldwide. Delivery within 20 working days.
If this proves popular I will continue the offer.

(Excludes Falkland Isles)

New ZC4VJ QSL designed as Andy hits the air!

The new QSL card for UK Eastern Sovereign Base Area Cyprus station ZC4VJ has now been designed and 6,000 QSL cards have been ordered and delivery expected by the 8th  December and all QSL requested will be replied to with immediate effect from then. Andy is very active on the bands.

QSL Sponsored by United Radio QSL Bureau.

Latest News M0XXT Shack Renovation
Callum M0MCX licence holder for M0XXT, UK Scout Contest Team has informed me that due to continued shack renovation at the UK Scout Contest Headquarters that the team will be off the air for a while as the shack moves into their new room over the coming months. Callum informs me that the computers are currently in storage and that the last log update will not be forwarded to me for a while until the equipment is relocated in the new shack. We would like to apologise to those waiting for the QSL. Sorry for the delay. Good luck guys with the shack renovation. I know that you have done so much work already and the new room is the final stage of the renovation.

RSGB Bureau Update
I have no further information on the state of the Bureau outgoing cards from the RSGB. Peter Kirby, General Manager has failed to reply to my email so far, so i do not know if my complaint is even being taken seriously. More information as it comes in.

OY1OF Back On Air
Welcome back on air to OY1OF Ólavur Frederiksen from Torshavn in the Faroe Islands. Ólavur has recently been helping with antenna repairs and improvements at the Feroskir Amateur Radio HQ and will be operating from the club shack. I have now received the OY1OF log  which is now on the online log search. QSL cards will be available from this week. QSL Via M0URX

And Finally....
Those of you visiting this IRC_Oldwebsite for the first time may well be asking "So
what is United Radio QSL Bureau?"
We support DX Stations and DX'peditions with the full QSL package, from QSL Design and Printing by Maxi Print ON5UR, Max Rymenant, this is provided completely free when using our QSL Management Bureau with all QSL's managed by M0URX Tim Beaumont with fast Direct QSL, Bureau QSL can be requested by email using our own Online QSL Request Service. LoTW upload service provided if requested. PayPal payment provided for that faster service!
I would also like to thank the many DX'ers who send that little extra with the QSL which is very much appreciated as all donations are put to good use either sponsoring DX'peditions or in providing a high quality QSL Service to the DX Community. United Radio QSL Bureau is here to give you the QSL service you ask for.

OLD Yellow IRC's - Well of course these are NOT valid to exchange for postage on your QSL cards these days, but do you have any hiding in those shack draws? You do don't you? Ok well if you want, you can donate them to United Radio QSL Bureau and we will find a way to exchange them for cash. This cash will be used for the members of UR Bureau DX'peditions and QSL card printing. Let's see how many we can find.
Your help will be most appreciated! Thank you!

RSGB QSL Bureau - What's Gone Wrong?

What’s Gone Wrong? That is the question many of you are asking me!!! Since March 2008 I have sent over 6,000 QSL cards Via the RSGB Bureau. It was around that time last year that the RSGB QSL Bureau was tendered out to Norcomm, headed by Richard Constantine. I have been in touch with Richard and asked him the Question that you have been asking me for the last two months. Where are our QSL cards? Richard tells me that there was a delay of some months and now there is just a standard backlog of a couple of months cards at the RSGB QSL Bureau. Starting from this year I have sent several thousand cards to Bureaus Direct.

Every QSL request received here either from a QSL card or Via email has been answered swiftly.
It is now November 2009 and from what you are telling me, my QSL cards sent through the RSGB still have not even started filtering through the system. Yes I am upset! There is nothing I can do, I do not even know if my cards are in the system or not.
If you are concerned and need that QSL then all I can say is send to me DIRECT. For future Bureau requests all I can do is where finances allow I will send to Bureaus Direct to speed things up. But with so many asking “RSGB QSL Bureau – What’s Gone Wrong!” The answer is we do not know!
Have you received a QSL Via M3SDE / M0URX that was sent in 2008 Via RSGB Bureau? (NOT direct) If yes, then please email me using the "Contact M0URX" page. This will tell me if the cards are missing or in the system. Thanks.

Latest 27/11/09 - As far as i can tell it appears that there has been a delay of outgoing QSL cards to Russia and Ukraine this has been caused by significant inceases in carriage costs. An alternative carrier has now been sought and the cards dating back to this time last year will then be forwarded on. Thanks to all involved in helping to resolve this matter.

Latest 28/11/09 - A box of incoming QSL cards from RAC Canada also reports that no QSL cards have been received from the RSGB since April 2008.
More complaints roll in to my email address this time from Japan of undelivered Bureau cards. Believe me guys, I am doing my best behind the scenes.

Click the link header to read more on my investigation.

Read more: RSGB QSL Bureau - What's Gone Wrong?


QSL-9M6DXX-2A new high quality QSL card for 9M6DXX Steve is now available.

9M6XRO John
continues to be very active and a further 5,000 QSL card order has now been completed.

ZC4VJ Andy returns to Sovereign Base Cyprus next week and will once again be QRV. Andy will be sending me his log and some photographs for the new QSL card. Please be patient! I have received a few hundred QSL requests already and these will be replied to as soon as the QSL card is printed. 
LATEST - Log received, QSL requests processed into the log, and log uploaded to online log search.

 Steve, 9M6DXX, and John, 9M6XRO, will operate from Pulau Labuan (IOTA OC-133) from 6 to 8 November (and possibly for one or two hours from 0000UTC on 9 November) as follows: 9M6DXX/P 10m - 80m on SSB only; 9M6XRO/P 10m - 160m on CW and RTTY. Stations will be using linear amplifiers to a multi-band vertical and a 160m inverted-L, both mounted very close to the ocean. We hope it will be possible to operate on 160m CW at the same time as SSB on the other bands. QSL both 9M6DXX/P and 9M6XRO/P via M0URX, either direct, via the bureau or LoTW.

Logs uploaded to online log search and LoTW 10/11/09
For full QSL information click here

Cards not Valid for WLOTA

10m has some surprises for me today!

qsl-9m8zOnce again today 10m has been open from dawn to dusk with some excellent DX to be worked on the band. Australian stations were being worked as early as 07:00z just too weak for me to work them today, before long South East Asia was being heard as I logged a few new band slots for 10m, 9M8Z Steve was preparing for his CQWW Contest entry from the shack in Sarawak East Malaysia. HS0ZIN Paul was strong 59 from Thailand. JY4CI Rafik also showed on 10m for another new band slot for me.

FY5KE in French Guiana kicked off the afternoon as the propagation moved to South America

G0KYA Steve writes in his Blog today how this phenomenon can probably be explained. You have to consider that although we are in the best month in the year for DX, what I have experienced on 10m in the past 36 hours is not that common at the bottom of the sunspot cycle. But what would I know? Amateur Radio has so much to teach me that I feel I am just at the beginning of the road of a very long journey. I hope the journey doesn’t end just yet!

Just a reminder that 9M8Z Steve will be active throughout the weekend during the CQWW Contest. QSL Via M0URX.
LoTW will be uploaded next week along with the online log search.
5,000 QSOs for 9M8Z and 2,000 QSOs from 9M6XRO have now been uploaded to LoTW

Down Under on 10m Crikey!

IMG_0340What a morning! I walked into the shack early this morning with my first cup of tea of the day when I noticed an email from Gary G0FWX saying “10m is open to VK!” What? At sunspot minimum surely not? I quickly put the cup of tea down almost spilling it all over the lap top! Turned my Hexbeam towards VK and tuned the radio to VK6, time to warm up the amplifier. Sure enough there was Kim VK6TQ in Western Australia 5/4 in my shack on 28490 KHz. A quick call to VK and I was in the log, we had a short conversation about antennas and band conditions before I let other UK operators fire their calls across to VK6.

A short while after that I also worked VK6KRC Bob near Perth, Western Australia. Thanks lads for my first 10m QSO to VK! Crikey what a morning!

Image Left - VK6KRC Antenna

15m once again today was also very busy in the run up to CQWW SSB 2009 Contest.

A Sad End RIP
I must also comment on the terrible sad news of the loss of 4 Radio Amateurs from the USA that sadly perished as their aeroplane crashed shortly after take off 250 yards off the end of the runway in Jedburg, South Carolina, about 20 miles northwest of Charleston. The plane, piloted and owned by Peter Radding, W2GJ,  carried Ed Steeble, K3IXD, Dallas Carter, W3PP, and Randy Hargenrader, K4QO. The four men were on their way to the Bahamas to operate in this weekend's CQ World Wide Phone Contest as C6APR.

They died following the hobby that they were so pasionate about. May they rest in peace.

You've been Thunderstruck

Great to see the lads from Team Thunderbox at the RSGB Convention last week. I have receieved an email from Jon 2E0DBD informing us of the next /Portable activities of Team Thunderbox.

Easter_Gathering_2008_40m_Quad_028Team Thunderbox will be setting up a portable station again between 23rd October 2009, and 31st October 2009.

We will be using the following equipment for our "Gathering" 

As always, we will be operating from Wind and Solar power. 

80m Station~Yaesu FT1000MP MKV, 200 foot Doublet, 400 Watts.

40m Station~Yaesu FT1000MP MKV, 2 Element Monoband Cubical Quad, 400 Watts.

20m Station~Yaesu FT1000MP MKV Field, 3 Element Monoband Cubical Quad, 400 Watts.

 2m Station~Kenwood TR711E, Diamond X700H, 100 Watts.

We would love to speak with as many of you as possible, if the conditions allow.

Kind Regards. Jon 2E0DBD 

Team Thunderbox

(Editors note Please note that QSL is Via the operators!!!!!!!! Not me!)

You can find more information at Team Thunderbox 

Team Thunderbox is a group of people who enjoy the lighter side of Amateur Radio. This is a video showing our most recent gathering to celebrate our 4th birthday as a group. We participate in other hobbies as well as Amateur Radio, and more information Team Thunderbox on You Tube

ZC4VJ Andy

I would like to welcome Andy Chadwick ZC4VJ to United Radio QSL Bureeau. The new QSL route for Andy is Via M0URX.
In a couple of weeks Andy will return to Sovereign Base Area of Cyprus where he will forward me the full log and some new photograhs for a new high quality QSL card to be designed and printed in a few weeks time all being well.

The ZC4VJ log has now been uploaded to the online logsearch on 09/11/09.

Flannan Isles EU-118

flannanCol, MM0NDX  a keen IOTA enthusiast, has revealed his plans to be QRV from The Flannan Isles EU-118, along with his team members Oscar Luis EA1DR, George EC2ADN, Christian EA3NT and Bjorn SM0MDG.

Only ever activated in 1989, 1995 and 2002, The Flannan Isles EU-118 are certainly a much needed IOTA. Extremely difficult to access due to North Atlantic weather systems constantly eroding the available landing site, a determined international group of IOTA & DX enthusiasts intend to activate Flannans in early / mid-June, 2010. 

The biggest threat / danger to any DX'pedition to the Flannan Isles is the Atlantic weather that can produce violent winds that can sweep through this North West Outer Hebrides area located approximately 32km west of the Island of Lewis. The sea swells that can surge across the 3,000 miles of North Atlantic Ocean hitting land at the Flanan Isles can make this a hazardous exercise.  A study of Ocean charts and weather maps determine if and when this difficult IOTA can take place. 

More information coming soon.

There is a great story about The Flannan Isles "Click Here" called The Mystery of Flannan Isles, from an incident where 3 men dissapered in December 1900.

The United Radio QSL Bureau are proud to announce that we are sponsoring this event for QSL Management. A high quality full colour QSL card will be available Via M0URX.

Conway Reef 3D20CR In the Bag!

Busy few days here at the office, the 7P8OK Direct QSL cards are arriving at the destinations around the world, while Bureau cards have been sent direct to 14 European Bureaus and to JARL for a speedy journey through the Bureau. The remaining 100 cards will be sent Via RSGB Bureau next week.

Conway Reef 3D20CRI received a box of 4,000 QSL cards from the Bureau which all had to be sorted for the G4Dxx and G4Rxx call series they were all dispatched on Friday. Which left me with 1,100 QSL cards for the callsigns that I manage, many hours of work processing the cards and I am well on my way to completing the job and I will have them sent back through the Bureau next week.

Then of course it has been a great time on HF with some excellent DX’peditions hitting the air. FT5GA Glorioso Island was a all time new one with 4 band slots at Château Beaumont on 12m, 15m, 17m, and 20m. I have listened to these guys for hours while I have been working in the shack, and all 5 of them have done such a great job from Glorioso. They have military work to do as well as the radio expedition so brilliant job lads!

Then my attention was turned to the waters of the Pacific Ocean, Conway Reef near Fiji to be precise, the team of 3D20CR were doing an incredible job, I first heard them on Friday afternoon when I got home from work for several hours their signal was 5/2 at a time when I had not expected to hear them on 20m. Saturday was a busy work day for me so it had to be Sunday when my chance was to come, I decided to get up early and watch the Formula 1 race from Japan, as the race progressed 3D20CR were getting stronger to 5/5 when I heard M0BZH work them, at this point they called for United Kingdom only on 14.220 MHz, but the pile up still kept calling again they asked only for UK I was beginning to shake and sweat, this was my best chance, with one clear call I shouted again “Mike Zero Uniform Romeo X-Ray” I un-keyed waiting to see if they had heard me, it seemed like eternity but It was no more than a fraction of a second, “M0URX 5/9” wow the feeling of a new one! It’s awesome.

This afternoon conditions to West Coast of North America were very good and Africa too on 20m with a new IOTA group on air for me AF-061 C91VM/5 on 20m. 

In the UK it is very difficult to find a way to put up a full size HF antenna that is going to get you heard in the pile ups, the “G3TXQ Broadband Hexbeam” is where UK operators are finding an antenna that reallyTim_M0URX works and I would like to wish my DX buddy MW0JZE Ant the best of luck as he goes into production soon with this antenna. I bought his prototype off him and I can’t sing his praises enough for a thoroughly professionally build quality, good luck Ant!  To find out more about MW0JZE and the Hexbeam project Click Here

Next weekend is the RSGB Convention, I will be there! So will many of my friends, its time to enjoy the presentations, and relax over many beers, yes probably too many beers and talk RADIO! If you see me, mines a Lager ok?

Thanks to Colin in Sweden for sending me the photo on the right, yes that is me on the left looking towards the camera 20 years ago in about 1989 I think. With the blue T shirt is Steve G0UIH, Ian M0KCM with the hat and Dave. We have all put on several kilos since then!

9M Activity Announced from East Malaysia

Steve 9M6DXX has updated me on forthcoming activity from East Malaysia over the next two months.

1) Steve, 9M6DXX, will operate (SSB only) as 9M8Z from Sarawak, East Malaysia (IOTA OC-088), from 22 to 26 October, including a single-operator all-band high-power unassisted entry in the CQWW DX phone contest. QSL via M0URX direct, via the bureau, LoTW, or request direct or bureau cards on-line.


2) Steve, 9M6DXX, and John, 9M6XRO, will operate from Pulau Labuan (IOTA OC-133) from 6 to 8 November (and possibly for one or two hours from 0000UTC on 9 November) as follows: 9M6DXX/P 10m - 80m on SSB only; 9M6XRO/P 10m - 160m on CW and RTTY. Stations will be using linear amplifiers to a multi-band vertical and a 160m inverted-L, both mounted very close to the ocean. We hope it will be possible to operate on 160m CW at the same time as SSB on the other bands. QSL both 9M6DXX/P and 9M6XRO/P via M0URX, either direct, via the bureau or LoTW.

For full QSL information click here


The QSL from Nicolas arrived in the post today from TN5SN DXCC Number 274 confirmed for M0URX.TN5SN


More information on the activity from Nicolas in the Republic of the Congo can be found at: TN5SN 

Smiling Faces In Lesotho

Smiling faces in Lesotho is the theme for the QSL card of 7P8OK the QSL will now be printed. Here is the design. QSL Via M0URX. For more detailed QSL information CLICK HERE!

The 7P8OK QSL card is sponsored by United Radio QSL Bureau.
QSL Printed by ON5UR Print Service
All QSL's arrived up to 20/09/09 have now been mailed out. Bureau cards to 14 European Bureaus and JARL sent direct others will be sent to RSGB soon.

John 7P8OK back home from Lesotho

Group_2Glad to say I got back to KK on time and no hassle with my luggage either way despite the fact that my transit times between flights in Doha were 30 mins and 45 mins! Well done to Qatar Airways for that as they met me off my flights and made sure me and my baggage got on to the next one OK.

Including my short ZS6 operation I made just over the 8K QSO mark from Africa. I did all the RTTY from 7P8 as well as 90% of the Top Band operating. I was pleased to manage the first 7P8/JA QSO on 160m with JA7NI and I worked 44 countries on 160m and 107 countries on all bands.

In total the 5 ops made in excess of 27,000 contacts and scanning the DX Cluster, the comments seem generally favourable to us.

I have my photos to sort out then I will send you off some possible ones for my QSL. I had a couple of cable problems in 7P8 - my camera to USB cable and my computer to rig interface cable both failed. Both cables became really brittle in the dry cold WX which they obviously did not appreciate after being used in the Borneo climate!

We had limited dial-up internet access at the Trading Post Lodge office
The  photo above shows (l to r) Daniel/ZS6JR, Ben/7P8YI, Pista/7P8AO, Frosty/7P8CF, Laurent/7P8MM and John/7P8OK.

Right - 7P8OK John on RTTY duty.

Glad to get you in my log and also hear you working the others too. BTW I did complete the 20m SSB sked with Steve 9M6DXX and got him on 17m SSB as well. The WX has been pretty awful around KK this weekend so the BARC Lighthouse operation on the uninhabited Pulau Layangan must have been an ordeal for them. There was a thunderstorm and very heavy rain when they were due off this afternoon so I don't know how that went yet.
73 for now - John - 9M6XRO

Editor - The online logsearch for 7P8OK is now LIVE
LoTW has now been uploaded for 7P8OK and ZS6/GM3OOK.
I will now work on the QSL Requests both Direct and Bureau. Please be patient.

M0URX enjoys 10m opening

u4mirI really enjoyed the 10m openning today with Sporadic E with most of Europe in 3 hours contacts were logged with 140 stations from France, Germany to Russia where I worked a Cosmonaut (Astronaut) Alexander Volkov U4MIR I am sure that is my first QSO with an Astronaut so I feel very pleased to meet you Alex'. I was also called by JQ9DHC in Japan, but I was not able to complete the QSO as QSB was very fast. So Japan on 10m great! Thank you to all of you that I worked today.
The Sporadic E was also strong enough to work GM7TUD Jim on back scatter signals while testing the direct path turning the beam to Scotland signal was 0. Jim great to catch up after such a long time!

5B/G4MKP Terry Cyprus

G4MKP_on_holsTerry G4MKP is in Cyprus over 14/25 August. He is squeezing 2 days of business into 10. That means lots of time for cold beer, lazy days by the pool and a fair bit of time on his Elecraft K3 signing 5B/G4MKP. Terry will be QRV mornings and evenings on CW/RTTY and, if he can figure out how to do it, SSB also. CW around 7.010, 14.010, 21.010, 28.020. RTTY anywhere in the band segment.  Please listen for him and give a call.

Picture: Elecraft K3, PSU, Key, cabling, Buddipole.

QSL Direct or Via email request for a bureau QSL.
LoTW will be uploaded after the operation.

G0KYA's Propagation Report August 09

g0kya_podcastHF Propagation Podcast

A look at HF propagation conditions for August 2009, including the solar and geomagnetic data for July 2009, Sporadic E and how to work stations VQ9JC on Chagos Island and 5N0OCH in Nigeria. All this plus a band-by-band round-up of what you can work and hear.

G0KYA Steve Nichols is a journalist, specialising in technology. Steve's Blog is very informative and is a great site for learning about propagation!
Click on the left image to be directed straight to Steve's Blog.

I have enjoyed a lot of Sporadic E work over the summer on HF bands, but one thing that surprises me about especially UK Amateurs is that many assume that Sporadic E, Inter G on 20m is "Strange" or "unusual" Well NO it isn't it is just normal Summer conditions. G0KYA explains this tpye of propagation very well in his podcasts and on his blog and also his articles in several Amateur Radio journals.

M0URX - "G3TXQ Broadband Hexagonal Beam now UP!"

I have installed a new antenna recently here at Château Beaumont after using the MQ36SR for the last 3 years. I wanted an antenna that gave just a bit better performance. I had heard many UK stations that had used G3TXQ Broadband Hexagonal Beam and had given it some very good reports, some say that the performance is similar to a 2 element SteppIR! A few months ago Anthony MW0JZE started to make enquiries about how to make one, and to source high quality parts to build this antenna. Anthony decided that we should make one and test it out on our IOTA vacation on the West coast of Wales, what a great idea, I said build two, one for you and one for me and we will have two stations set up at the IOTA then we can test them out for performance and for DXpedition style operating under close proximity.

With the antennas built and constructed we installed the 6m - 20m  Hexbeams 30m apart on 10m poles connecting them to 2 x Elecraft K3 Transceivers at our Island location at Ramsey Island off the coast of Pembrokeshire. From the off we were working pile ups on 20m and 15m with no interaction between the two stations. I was very impressed with the performance of the Hexbeam despite no sunspots and a SFI of just 68. We ended the 3 day operation at Ramsey with 5500 Qs in the log and worked 86 DXCC entities. This antenna would make a fantastic DXpedition antenna! It is light, easy to assemble and gives great performance!
So I was happy with its performance on a remote Island but what about if it was located in the city where I live in Coventry?

Raining again!
I was only home two days and a break in the weather found me in the garden constructing the Hexbeam. My garden is only 7m wide so it was a struggle at times but within 1 hour the antenna was ready to be installed. I called on the help of 2E0COV Vinny Hopkins to install the antenna on the 13m mast at my home. Thanks Vinny!

CQ Pacific
The following morning I couldn’t resist giving the Hex a try… I tuned to 14.217 MHz where I knew E51JD Jim is usually found, great there he was with a signal of 5/4 not strong but probably the best I had ever heard him and with one call Jim was in the log from the South Cook Islands! Brilliant! Followed that with a QSO with KH7HI in the Hawaiian Islands. Conditions since then have been very poor, however I am finding that working South America a bad direction for me is now much easier. The SWR is very low on all bands 6m through to 20m.

Many thanks to Ant MW0JZE for constructing this antenna to a very high standard of workmanship with high quality parts!

Ramsey Island QSL EU-124

The Ramsey Island MC0SHL / MW9W QSL is currently in the design stage and will be printed shortly. Here is a sneak preview!

The QSL cards will shortly be going to print. Remember to send your direct QSL to M0URX but NO Bureau cards thanks! If you need a QSL Via the Bureau please email Tim M0URX using our Contact M0URX page and I will send you the Bureau card.

The QSL card features the RSPB who own the Island and the QSL also reflect the Flora & Fauna on Ramsey Island. Not forgetting of course the G3TXQ Broadband Hexagonal Beam made by MW0JZE Anthony that performed so well for us despite no sunspots! You can also see the buildings that we occupied during the activity.
This QSL has been sponsored by the United Radio QSL Management Bureau.


7P8OK John in Lesotho

Lesotho_FlagThis week John 9M6XRO unveiled his callsign for the Lesotho expedition from July 27th to August 13th 7P8OK will be "On Air" using CW RTTY SSB. John will be in a team operating from The Trading Post Lodge in Roma, Lesotho, as part of the African DX Safaris Expedition. 

7P8OK QSL Via M0URX - QSL Direct or Via Bureau However I will not accept incoming cards Via Bureau. ALL BUREAU QSL requests must be made Via email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it   or Via my QSL request form in the left menu. I fully support the Bureau but incoming cards are not required for 7P8OK or 9M6XRO and we would like to reduce Bureau costs by doing this.

Log will be uploaded to Logbook of The World (LoTW) immediately after the expedition.
The Online Log Search for 7P8OK will be live after the expedition.

Please follow my instructions and your QSL will arrive in good speed!

7P8OK QSL is sponsored by United Radio QSL Bureau.

MC0SHL & MW9W logs uploaded to logsearch

5515 QSO's from MC0SHL & MW9W EU-124 Ramsey Island are now uploaded onto the online log search. The team head home after a great week on Ramsey Island. Great memories and you can see more information on the website  of Strumble Head DX & Contest Group
Team Photograph


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