9M6XRO & Borneo Amateur Radio Club BARC


Today’s email from John 9M6XRO includes some photographs taken today at the Borneo Amateur Radio Club of East Malaysia. John explains “I took these photos ‘up the hill’ today when we were working on the ants. One shows Rahim 9W6RHM up the tower working on the Cushcraft A4S beam. Another also shows the 100ft tower behind the clubhouse. There are various VHF repeater ants mounted on it plus the 160-80-40m trapped dipole. Unfortunately we cannot get the trapped dipole all the way up as there is a family of mynah birds nesting right at the very top and they dive bomb any climber who starts to get anywhere near them! Mynah’s CAN talk but they have not entered into any negotiations so far (hi).

The other photo shows the view from the foot of the tower looking towards KK. We are up a fair height, unfortunately that’s why we keep getting struck by lightning! The top of the hill has a flat area of about 200′ square and slopes away quite dramatically on 3 sides. The road up is not for the faint hearted as it is narrow and with deep potholes that come and go, and land slips in heavy rain are not unknown. I have been ‘trapped’ up there on occasion due to the WX.
John has taken part in this weekends CQ WPX CW Contest and the log has now been uploaded to LoTW.

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