BT Yahoo Emails in Meltdown!

BT (British Telecom) Have now lost me as a customer this weekend, after a week of disastrous customer service, failed call backs and hours of asking completely irrelevant questions, I may as well have been asked what I had for my Sunday lunch because it was as just as irrelevant as the questions they asked me. The problem started when I changed my password to the BT Yahoo emails on BT Webmail, immediately emails of important transactions failed to appear in my in box, and Yahoo Group emails also failed to arrive….

I telephoned BT, as usual I was not able to speak to a UK call centre and the off shore call centres were completely lacking in understanding of the problem, apart from Tier 1 Technical help, who explained that they had been receiving calls about this exact problem during the day and that they would have to escalate the inquiry to Tier 2. That is where the problems started.

Tier 2 of Technical Help did one test sending me one email which worked and declared that there was not a problem and that my mail service was working perfectly well.  After another hour of talking to me in parrot fashion and being treated like a complete idiot I asked to be put through to a supervisor. None were available to so I was put on a call back from 9 – 11am on Sunday morning.

After being sat by the phone all day the supervisor finally called me at 5pm, 6 hours late, saying that they tried calling me earlier with no reply. Oh… what a lie, been sat next to the phone all day. The information I had given was that there was a problem with the BT Yahoo servers that were failing to deliver emails to my account on webmail. The supervisor then started asking me totally irrelevant questions about my computer, browser and operating systems. For goodness sake, I may well have been asked what I was having for dinner as it was quite obvious that the problem is with BT Yahoo servers that are in absolute melt down this week.

Emails are starting to filter through at the rate of 2 an hour, but are a week late. I may as well have conducted my communications using Royal Mail 2nd Class Post because I would of actually got a reply much quicker than I am with BT Yahoo emails.

BT…. LISTEN… You have a major problem with BT Yahoo emails right now. If you do not act quickly and use your eyes and open your ears you will be losing a lot more customers than just me. Stop asking irrelevant questions about my browser version and deal with the problem!

Thankfully I actually lost trust in the BT Yahoo service back in 2008 when i paid for a private domain and server for most of my emails which is the only way to go. 

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Tim Beaumont