Bureau Summary Update

Since our last Bureau dispatch, shipping costs have now started to reduce as freight availability begins to return back to pre covid levels which is really great news.

Also good news is the benefits of Brexit, we no longer have to pay 20% VAT, shipping cards from one part of the European Union to another, this has saved our QSL work around £1,000 a year since leaving the EU.

However, the World Customs Organisations new regulations means that Bureau QSL boxes are now considered as a “Commodity” and are therefore subject to a customs tax on arrival at the destination country, they are no longer Value “0”. Some Bureaus will not pay the tax and some cards will be destroyed or returned to sender. We are working with IARU Bureaus to try to ensure these cards arrive with the recipients.

I recently discussed this matter of customs tax on Bureau parcels with the President of IARU, Tim Ellam VE6SH while he was at the 2022 RSGB Convention, Tim informed me that he had discussed the matter with the UPU (Universal Postal Union) and there was no way that the IARU could intervene to help resolve the issues.

It is clear that while most of the Bureaus are providing a world class service in supporting their members in their QSL exchanges, some Societies are either no longer financially able to provide the service or are really struggling to meet those costs. Regardless of what many of you believe, the Bureau QSL service is NOT free, the road ahead is uncertain for the Bureau. I urge you if possible, to QSL direct so that you are not disappointed should your bureau QSLs not arrive.

I would like to thank Tim Ellam VE6SH for looking into these matters and thank you to all the volunteers doing an amazing job at the world IARU Bureau societies. THANK YOU!

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Tim Beaumont