Direct and Bureau QSL Instructions

 QSL - US$2  for one QSL card   (STRICTLY NO IRCs or stamps that includes UK)

TX3X & VK0EK are both $5
Note: Postage stamps IRC's & coins are NOT acceptable for return QSL's
Self Addressed Envelope must be provided.

Please send your QSL(s) to:  
Mr Tim Beaumont M0URX
P.O. Box 17 Kenilworth
Warwickshire CV8 1SF
Or OQRS (Online QSL Request System)
The following is a breakdown of Direct Postage Costs. Considering other QSL managers charge $2 per card, United Radio QSL Management Bureau believe the following is very reasonable. 
         QSL Direct
      1 QSL only by post     =    US $2   or OQRS Paypal GBP US $3. OQRS  (STRICTLY NO IRCs)
SWL Requests welcome - Please direct ALL SWLs to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  PayPal is the same.
Multi QSL Direct - If you need to request more QSL cards take advantage of my Multi QSL offer.
As some of you DX and QSL as a group or friends, to reduce costs this may help you.

Multi QSL by payment on PayPal only 
    2 to 4 QSL's by
   5 to 10 QSL's by OQRS £5 GBP  EMAIL ME LIST OF QSO  
 11 to 20 QSL's by OQRS £8 GBP  EMAIL ME LIST OF QSO

Remember - It does not matter if you worked 1 or 20 bands slots with one station, that counts as one QSL card.
Please include a Self Addressed Envelope (SAE).
No Euro coins please. NO postage stamps accepted.
Not in log? Use the form on the OQRS to send your Busted or NIL inquiry.

Request your QSL. Please don't send it. Use OQRS only. (Online QSL Request System) 
  1. Please DO NOT send your QSL Via Bureau ONLY use OQRS. Thank you!
  2. With many Bureau users requesting many cards at a time, I would like to remind you that no bureau system is free, it actually costs us a LOT of money. There is the cost of printing the QSL cards and the cost of posting to all World Bureaus to pay.

    Donations Please consider donating via PayPal towards expenses This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  Thank you

Please note! It is very important that you note in your log that QSL was requested by OQRS either by Bureau or Direct. So that you have a record of the date requested.
Replacement bureau cards will not be resent. Bureau is not a guaranteed secure route. If you don't receive it request it direct.
I provide a guarenttee on all letters posted. However if my letter doesn't reach you, then you must notify me within 3 months of the letter being posted to receive a free replacement.
Call Entity Notes
3A/ON5UR Monaco 9-17 November 2012
3A/ON8AK Monaco 9-17 November 2012
3DA0OK The Kindom of Swaziland 19-24/07/2008
4W/G3ZEM Timor-Leste 8 - 20 October 2014
4W6A Timor-Leste Atauro Island OC-232 16-26/09/2011
5B/G4MKP Cyprus
5B4AGN Cyprus
5B4AHJ Cyprus
5B4AHL Cyprus
5B4AJX Cyprus
5B75FOC Cyprus 75th Anniversary FOC
5H1XX Tanzania
5U9AMO Niger 20/04/2013 - 30/05/2013
7P8OK Lesotho 27/07 - 08/08/2009 - Operated by 9M6XRO
8Q7BM Maldive Islands Raa Atoll
9M4SEB East Malaysia Sebatik Island OC-295 14-16/08/2006 - Borneo Amateur Radio Club
9M4SLL Spratly Island 7-13/08/2012 & 10-18/03/2013 IOTA AS-051
9M6/G3OOK East Malaysia 28/05/2005 - 16/07/2006 New call sign 9M6XRO
9M6DXX East Malaysia Borneo OC-088
9M6DXX/P East Malaysia OC-133
9M6DXX/P OC-295 East Malaysia Sebatik Island
9M6XRO OC-088 East Malaysia Borneo OC-088 Home Station
9M6XRO OC-133 East Malaysia OC-133
9M6XRO OC-295 East Malaysia Sebatik Island
9M6XRO/8 OC-165 East Malaysia OC-165
9M8Z East Malaysia Borneo OC-088
9M8Z/P OC-165 East Malaysia OC-165
9U4U Burundi 14-23 February 2013
A25OOK Botswana
A35T Kingdom of Tonga 18 - 24 February 2016
AX8NSB Australia
C44C Cyprus Contest Station
C91XO Mozambique
CY2ZT/2 Canada
CY9M St Paul Island 27-31/07/2012 NA-094
D44TXP Cape Verde Islands 27/08/2013 - 11/09/2013
EA6/G4MKP Balearic Islands 20-28/10/2013
EP6T Iran 15 - 25 January 2015
FK/G4JVG New Caledonia
G1VDP England
G4MKP England
G6T England
GB1DSG England
GD3OOK Isle of Man
GD4JVG Isle of Man
GM5N Scotland Isle of Arran EU-123
GO1VDP England Special Event Station celebrating London 2012 Olympics by G1VDP
GQ1VDP England HRH Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee
GR1VDP England
GS0NWM Scotland
GS0NWM/P Scotland
HB0/OU4U Leichtenstein
HH2/HB9AMO Haiti 25/12/2009 - 01/02/2010& 2016
HH2/VE2TKH Haiti
HI2DX Dominican Republic Saono Island NA-122 19 - 23 November 2014
JX5O Jan Mayen
KH0/G3ZEM Northern Marianas Islands
KH2/G3ZEM Guam 9 - 13 February 2013
M0TAV England
M0URX England
M0XXT England
M0YOM England
M9W England
M9X England
MC0SHL EU-005 Wales HQ Club Station Wales
MC0SHL EU124 Wales Ramsey Island
MS0INT EU-059 Scotland St Kilda Archipelago 17-20/06/2011
MS0INT EU-111 Scotland Monach Isles 16-17/06/2011
MS0INT EU-118 Scotland Flannan Isles 18-21/06/2010 EU-118
MS0OXE Scotland - Island of Tiree EU-008 2012 & 2014 ONLY!
MS0OXE EU-012 FAIR ISLE Scotland - Fair Isle EU-012 2015 ONLY! 9 - 15/09/2015 ONLY
MS0RSD EU-008 Scotland Isle of Skye
MU3SDE Guernsey Alderney Island
MU5W Guernsey Alderney Island
MW0JRX Wales
MW5W Wales
MW9W EU-005 Wales HQ
MW9W EU-124 Wales Ramsey Island
MX0LDG England Isles of Scilly EU-011 15-22/10/2014 & Lundy Island EU-120 11-16/10/2012
OJ0UR Market Reef EU-053
OY/ON6NB Faroe Islands
OY1OF Faroe Islands
OY3JE Faroe Islands
OY4TN Faroe Islands
P29CS OC-008 Papua New Guinea Raul Is
P29CS OC-069 Papua New Guinea Lihir Island
P3F Cyprus P3F Contest Station
P3J Cyprus
PJ4/OE7PGI Bonaire
PJ4DX Bonaire
PJ4F Bonaire
PJ4NX Bonaire
PJ4V Bonaire
PJ5A St Eustacious
T88ZM Palau
TN2T Republic Of Congo
TX5RV Austral Islands Raivavae OC-114 30/10/2013 - 06/11/2013
V26BM Antigua December 28th 2012 - January 4th 2013
V31AX Belize 01/02/2016 - 14/03/2016
V4/G0FWX St Kitts & Nevis
V63MJ Federated States of Micronesia 16 - 24 February 2015
V63ZM Federated States of Micronesia 13 - 23 February 2013 ONLY
V73MW Marshall Islands Majuro Atoll OC-029
V85/9M6XRO Brunei Darussalam
V85/9M8Z Brunei Darussalam
V8FEO Brunei Darussalam
V8FRO Brunei Darussalam
VE2CSI Canada CQ Zone 2 ONLY FROM 14/11/2010
VK0EK Heard Island
VK6JB Australia
VK8DX Australia
VK8NSB Australia
VK8RD Australia
VK9MT Mellish Reef 2014
VP2MSW Montserrat January 2013 ONLY
VP5/W5RF Turks & Caicos Islands
WS5K/KH8 American Samoa
XR0Y Easter Island 31/10/2009 - 15/11/2009
XU7DXX Cambodia
XU7XRO Cambodia
XW8XZ Laos 25/03/2013 - 04/04/2013
YB9/G4JVG Indonesia Bali OC-022
YB9/GM3OOK Indonesia Bali OC-022
YJ8A Vanuatu
ZB2TT Gibraltar
ZB2TT/P Gibraltar
ZC4VJ UK Eastern Sovereign Base Area Cyprus
ZK1SDE NORTH North Cook Islands OC-014
ZK1SDE SOUTH South Cook Islands OC-083
ZK1SDZ South Cook Islands
ZK1WET South Cook Islands
ZK1XMY South Cook Islands
ZL/GD3OOK New Zealand
ZS6/GM3OOK Republic of South Africa
eQSL & - Sorry, I do not support 



















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