Why US$5 Ramon?

After a 10m QSO with PZ5RA, I followed his instrucion to QSL Via OQRS, I was so shocked to read that Ramon wants US$5 for ONE QSL card that I sent him an email and asked WHY would he want US$5? as this is far more than the costs would be. His reply is as follows:

“You know, it’s your choice if you want the card or not. I myself have paid US$ 7,= to US& 10,= to get several exotic cards, also via Paypal. Feel free to shake with rage as you said and I wish you also a lot of luck to contact another PZ station.
P.S. Don’t try to send me any more mails, as they will not be answered.”

I am very disspointed by Ramon’s overcharging Radio Amateurs for his QSL card. It simply is NOT Ham Spirit.
So there you go! He feels that because there are no other active PZ operators he can charge what he likes. Hmmm not very nice is it?

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Tim Beaumont