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XW8XZ QSL cards posted


XW8XZ Laos QSL cards are ready, All letters received up to today have been processed, 254 letters will be posted today.

Also posting a parcel of 752 QSL cards to the ARI Italian QSL Bureau.

I am waiting for an overdue incoming QSL box from the RSGB QSL Bureau, until this is received and processed I am not able to send out the Bureau dispatch that I had planned at this time. 

5U9AMO Niger

map of niger

Pierre HB9AMO will be QRV as 5U9AMO operating from Niger. Operating in his spare time from 10m to 80m, until 30th May 2013.

Please note that the QSL will not be available until after the activation.

Log will be uploaded to LoTW.

Station: 20 years old Kenwood TS-50 + MFJ-971 tuner + low hanging 24 meters wire antenna.
Pierre says “I have some local noise, is difficult to copy the weak signals. Sorry”

9M4SLL QSL Posting

QSL-9M2SLL-Dubbel-2 1
Friday 26th April 2013 – Direct 9M4SLL QSL cards are now ready to be posted. 1,464 letters containing 9M4SLL and 9U4U and other multi QSL requests to all countries.
XW8XZ QSL cards arrive here on Monday and will be posted early next week.
I have about 200 letters remaining, that arrived this week and these will be processed over the weekend.

XW8XZ QSL Card Preview


The XW8XZ QSL card has been designed by ON5UR Max. This new QSL will be in the printroom very soon and available to post at the end of April.


Laos 2013 DXpedition


A multi-national multi-operator DXpedition to Vientiane, Laos, is being planned for September 6 – 16, 2013. Team members 9M6DXX, 9V1YC, EA2TA, EA3NT, EA5KA, F4BKV, G3XTT and MM0NDX plan to operate five stations from 160m to 6m on CW, SSB and RTTY. A website is being produced and will be available soon. The callsign and further details will be announced later.

Steve, 9M6DXX (Now Scaled down to 2 operators)

9M4SLL Single QSL Preview 2013


Another day, another QSL design from Max, ON5UR. Here is the QSL preview for the 9M4SLL, Spratly Layang Layang Island. Single card to be sent out for Bureau.


9U4U QSL Cards Posted

Tuesday 9th April 2013 – 2,724 letters have been posted today containing mostly 9U4U QSL cards. Last night I worked through the night to capture the latest QSL requests before taking all the mail to the local sorting office this afternoon.
There are about 100 9U4U letters containing “multi QSL requests” that I have held back waiting for the 9M4SLL and XW8XZ QSL cards to be printed before posting can be done. If you have requested 9U4U along with those QSL cards then your cards will be posted soon.
I expect to post all Bureau cards direct to World Bureaus during May.
Many thanks to Charles, M0OXO, and Chris, G1VDP, for their excellent help last weekend in preparing the posting. Thank you!
Photo above: 9U4U letters posted.
Photo right: Chris G1VDP filling envelopes.

9M4SLL QSL Preview 2013

QSL-9M2SLL-Dubbel-2 1

The 9M4SLL DXpediton double QSL has now been designed and will has been sent to the print room.