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Coming soon with United Radio QSL Management:
VK2/W7BRS Lord Howe Island – July 20th – August 1st. Due to the restructuring of the Australian Licensing system Lord Howe Island now has the prefix VK2 (being a dependency of New South Wales) followed by the call sign of the operator /W7BRS. For DXCC purposes the call sign will be operational from Lord Howe Island.
VP6WR Pitcairn September
KH8T American Samoa September 2-16

ARRL Systems Service Disruption

LoTWI am still aware that OQRS is unable to upload to LoTW for the log updates that have been sent to me. I am keeping up to date with the ARRL and wish them well in getting systems back up and running. Here is the latest update from ARRL

ARRL Systems Service Disruption – Updated 6/4/2024

On or around May 12, 2024, ARRL was the victim of a sophisticated network attack by a malicious international cyber group. ARRL immediately involved the FBI and engaged with third party experts to investigate.
This serious incident was extensive and categorized by the FBI as “unique,” compromising network devices, servers, cloud-based systems, and PCs.
ARRL management quickly established an incident response team. This has led to an extensive effort to contain and remediate the networks, restore servers, and staff are beginning the testing of applications and interfaces to ensure proper operation.
Thank you for your patience and understanding as our staff continue to work through this with an outstanding team of experts to restore full functionality to our systems and services.
We will continue to update members as advised and to the extent we are able.