Archive - August 2018

Bespoke OQRS v4.61 update


The new version of the Bespoke OQRS is now on line and there are quite a lot of changes. Many are cosmetic, adding a bit of colour and others are more practical. I will post a longer description later but two of the main changes;

1) OQRS now allows ”live logging” by Dxpeditions providing they have a stable Internet connection and are using N1MM.

2) After a log search you will see that we will no longer accept email and social media requests for Missing Call requests. This is a practical change and indeed a safer way to ensure all busted calls are traceable and more important, that none are missed by being sent on many different social media platforms.
Social Media requests need to be discouraged.

By using the Log Check Request Form for missing Q’s this also helps me identify any serious log issues that i need to report to the DX team.

Thanks, hope you enjoy the new version which you will catch on both M0URX and M0OXO OQRS sites…..


HB0/ON4ANN September


Members of the NB-DX Team from Belgium will be QRV as HB0/ON4ANN
From September 22-28. Team members include ON4ANN, ON4CCV, ON5PDV, ON2BDJ, ON4CKM and ON6MI.


The operators may also do some WWFF activity as HB0/ON4CCV/P and HB0/ON4CKM/P.

TX5T Australs August 2018


Following on from their 2017 operation the CanAm DX Group is pleased to announce that they have added an additional team member, K4UEE, Bob Allphin, to their upcoming trip to Austral Islands. The licence for their call sign TX5T has arrived

The team will arrive on Raivavae Island IOTA Ref:OC-114 on August 13 and staying through August 22.

Plans are to have three stations on 40-6 meters on CW, SSB, RTTY and FT8.

The Australs are number 71 on the Most Wanted List on Club Log. The team may try 80/160 but given summertime conditions in the Northern Hemisphere.

Please visit the web site for more information:

There will be a new QSL card printed after the DXpedition. The QSL shown above is from the 2017 operation.

The Final log has been uploaded to OQRS and LoTW. A further 400 FT8 QSOs have been recovered and are now on OQRS and uploaded to LoTW.