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Could this be the death of the Bureau QSL?

Good grief

Something is happening that I believe could be the death of the Bureau QSL card. For security reasons all parcels sent around the world will soon have to have “Pre-Advice Data”

What this means is that I need to send in advance, electronically, personal data of the recipient and the contents of the parcel to customs.
I will need the IARU Bureau email address, name of the person I am sending to, telephone number, as well as the usual customs declaration.

This electronic data will need a “Commodity code” for the items inside the parcel. QSL cards are as near as we can get it “postcards” which is commodity code 49090000.
This is where we have a problem, this is telling customs that the postcards in the box are a commodity and are likely to be charged VAT standard rate to other European Union Countries (Isn’t the EU supposed to be there to help EU citizens?) The only good news is that outside EU is 0% tax.

But I see nothing that can tell the recipients customs or douane that these postcards are a gift of “no value”
This will be starting in January 2019 and in some countries like Brazil it has already started. I am trying to get my head around this, looks really complicated and as far as I can see IARU Bureaus are not ready for it. I have asked my mail carrier for advice, so if I find out more on this I will report back soon.

3rd June – As of this time i am working with my account manager to ensure that our bureau dispatches will meet the new “Pre-advice data” requirements, however this does depend on cooperation from the IARU Bureaus to ensure that we have the data we need. 


K800 QSL-HK3C-2

A new QSL for John, HK3C is now in the printroom and will soon be ready to post.
As always OQRS is open for your requests.

80th anniversary of the First Class CW Operators’ Club

A log search and QSL request facility is available with M0URX here that will be updated on a regular basis. Logging inquiries should be directed through the OQRS log search.
QSL requests should be made on the OQRS. You do not need to send any Bureau cards so please just use OQRS. Thank you

To celebrate the 80th Anniversary of the formation of the First Class CW Operators’ Club, the special callsign 5B80FOC will be aired by a Bob 5B4AGN & Nick G3RWF during the month of May 2018.

A special QSL card will be available and the logs will be uploaded to the ARRL’s Log Book of the World (LoTW) and Club Log on a regular basis.
Contacts with this station will count 10 points towards the FOC75 and FOC80 Awards.

Founded in 1938, and with its roots, history and management in the UK, the First Class CW Operators’ Club (FOC) promotes good CW (Morse code) operating, activity, friendship and socialising via its worldwide membership of approximately 500. Members are active on all HF bands and the character of the club is best expressed in its motto:

“A man should keep his friendship in constant repair” – Samuel Johnson (1755).


  • Foster and encourage a high standard of CW operating ability and behaviour on the amateur bands.
  • Observe the licence conditions and principles of band planning.
  • Be considerate to other amateurs at all times.
  • Protect the future of the hobby through being active, encouraging newcomers and supporting a national society.

For more information including how to become a member, please visit the Club’s own site.

HK3C log uploaded to OQRS


HK3C, John in Bogotá, Columbia has been in touch and asked me to take over QSL management of his call sign, HK3C, I will also be looking after his older calls signs of HK3AK and HK3OZ.

The logs have been uploaded to OQRS and are live.

A new QSL card will be designed shortly so QSL requests will be confirmed as soon as we have a new stock of cards.

9M6XRO QSL Requests

K800 QSL-9M6XRO-SebPortable

QSL cards for all call signs owned by 9M6XRO John, (now SK) must not be sent to me through the bureau as his RSGB membership will be closed. 
All QSL requests must come through the OQRS only.

All QSL cards requested on OQRS for both Direct and Bureau will be sent out on the next mailing.