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PJ4NX – LoTW Update


PJ4NX is back on LoTW. We apologise for the interruption to the LoTW updates for Peter, PJ4NX. A new certificate has now been activated and the back log has been uploaded, including the recent 50 MHz QSOs which for many were an All Time New One.
I would like to thank Kathy Allison at LoTW HQ for her outstanding assistance with the documents.

Thanks to World Bureau Staff

Now, I know we all think that the Bureau is slow and that we are lucky if we get a QSL card after waiting a couple of years, but how about this?

On the 4th June 2013 I posted 14,966 Bureau QSL cards to about 70 World Bureaus directly. Since then I have had emails from Ukraine and Hungarian radio amateurs saying thanks for the Bureau cards that have already been delivered. But I have singled out the email below from SM4EPR Mats.

Hello Tim, I made OQRS June 3rd for 5B75FOC QSL. Today , June 24th , the QSL arrived through the bureau. That is kind of a record! See you further down the QSL log 73 from Mats SM4EPR

So I would like to especially thank all Sub Bureau managers, everyone that works as a volunteer at all the Bureaus! Job well done! Just 3 weeks from sending the packages I am most impressed!

Poland mail theft

A problem that is getting worse recently is the QSL cards arriving from Poland where the envelopes have been tampered with and the US$ stolen. The envelopes are then re-glued and processed through the mail system.

If you are from Poland and you want to request a QSL card from me, I strongly suggest that you do not mail US$. Please instead use my OQRS here: Thank you.



Steve, 9M6DXX, plans to operate as PJ4V from Bonaire (IOTA SA-006) from 4 or 5 June until 16 June. Activity will be holiday-style on SSB only using 100 watts to a Spiderbeam.

QSL via M0URX direct or bureau, preferably using OQRS. Logs will be uploaded to LoTW within a few days of the end of the operation at the latest. 73, Steve, 9M6DXX

Please only use ONE QSL method. If you request a QSL on OQRS then please do not send a QSL Via Bureau. Remember to update your log as QSL sent. Thank you

Bureau Posting News – Outgoing June 2013!

14,966 QSL cards have been posted to all World Bureaus today, Tuesday 4th June 2013. The posting had been delayed some weeks due to my quarterly incoming Bureau box arriving 2 months late.
All 9M4SLL, 9U4U, 5U9AMO, 5B75FOC & all other requested cards up to 1st June have been included in this dispatch. 
I would very much appreciate feedback from you when the QSL cards start arriving at World Bureaus.
Total amount of QSL cards 14,966

Total Weight 60905g 
Total Cost    £285.12 
£4.68 per kg 
Average postage cost 1.9p per QSL card. I have reduced the average postage cost by 0.8p per card since the last dispatch.
Estimated printing cost of QSL cards £598.64