Archive - July 2020

VP8PJ Memento – Thank you

Thank you to the VP8PJ team for the lovely plaque memento received in the post today in recognition and appreciation for the work of “log and QSL management of VP8PJ” Thank you.

Post Costs Hit

This month many post companies around the world are implementing further substantial increases on International post as the effects of Covid-19 hit the aviation industry heavily. It was only a matter of time, the big airlines have cancelled many flights and many aircraft are still in storage as the airlines cut costs by cutting routes.
What all this means is that the available air freight capacity is seriously reduced and what capacity that is available commands a higher premium. For the past few months postal companies have absorbed that extra cost but now that is being past on to customers. I am seeing an increase between 10% and 15% on letters, and 100% on parcels, depending on the route, with the highest rises to the USA & Japan.
I will continue to monitor this in the coming months.

Post Delays Update

As of July 3rd VP8PJ cards mailed on May 21st are still being received. Apparently, some postal services were seriously impacted by the Covid-19 lock-downs.
Please be patient for your mail delivery provider to deliver your QSL cards, this is out of our control at this time. You will get the QSL. Thank you.

Still waiting? If you go to VP8PJ log search, Search for your call sign and click “Request QSL” you will see the status of your QSL request.
Direct QSL & OQRS Direct should all be marked as “SENT”