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Last QSO in Log? Not in log?

Last QSO in Log: When using OQRS you can always see on the Log Search page:
Last QSO in the log: 28 Jan 2018 13:59 UTC

So if your QSO is AFTER the last QSO in log you must wait for the next log update!

Not in log?: If your QSO is BEFORE the “last QSO in log” date and is missing, use the blue button “Not in log” here you can fill in the details of the missing QSO and this will be sent to my work queue. 
Please do not send me emails about busted calls. Please use the “Busted Call Centre” on OQRS! Thank you.

ZC4A QRV January 2018

K1024 QSL-ZC4A

5B4AGN, Bob, reports that he will again be QRV as ZC4A from January 24 – 31.

Plans are to be QRV on 1.8 through 28 MHz, mostly on CW with some SSB and Data activity. They will have two or three stations (Elecraft K3s with amplifiers) active using mostly verticals.

QSL via OQRS to M0URX.  Please do not send any cards through the bureau. Only use OQRS

The ZC4A Team members are:
5B4AFM Stavros, 5B4AGN Bob, G3AB Andy, G3WPH Mike, G3XTT Don and G6MC Neil. 

A new QSL card will be designed for this activity.

UPDATE 03/02/2018 ZC4A CQWW-160m contest log now added to OQRS. If you have already made a DIRECT OQRS and need the 160m Q added? please email me QSO details. Bureau? Please just add the 160m Q to your existing request on OQRS. A new QSL card will be designed soon…

Old International Reply Coupons


United Radio QSL Bureau is looking for those old out of date
International Reply Coupons. Do you have any? You may have some of the recent ones that expired on 31/12/2017 or you may have some really old yellow IRCs?

Please do not throw them away but instead you are welcome to donate them to us for our Outgoing QSL Bureau dispatches. This will help us keep posting your bureau cards and keep the service free for you for the future.



K800 QSL-PJ4V-2

PJ4V will be the call sign used by a team of five operators in Bonaire for the CQ-WPX SSB contest in March.
DK6SP Philipp, M0SDV Jamie, PJ4DX Steve, PJ4KY Bert and PJ4NX Peter will be manning the stations.

K800 QSL-PJ4V-2-Back