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Argentina QSL Bureau

Argentina QSL Bureau has given us many problems with mail being returned since 2015, this package sent last July was returned in October, re-posted in October and returned in July 2023.

Sadly I am no longer able to continue sending Bureau cards to Argentina!

In an email from Argentina QSL Bureau i am informed that there is no communication from the PO that the package is ready for collection when it gets handed from customs to Argentina Post. As this is a long term issue I have asked the team to discuss with the mail center manager, because we  are just not able to get QSL cards to the Bureau in Argentina. 

VK8AW QSL Preview

Welcome to Gary, VK8AW from the Northern Territory, Australia to the UR QSL Management. QSL cards will be available soon. OQRS Open!

4U100QO C7A QSL Preview

4U100QO is active on QO satellite from the United Nations Vienna International Center, Austria. OQRS open.

Hinckley AR&ES QSL Preview

Welcome to HARES –  Hinckley Amateur Radio & Electronic Society to UR QSL Management. QSL cards now available on OQRS.

GR1VDP QSL Preview

GR1VDP was active through May and June to celebrate the Coronation of Charles III as King in the United Kingdom and the other Commonwealth realms.
OQRS open

TX5S Press Release #4

TX5S Clipperton Island DXpedition (NA-011) January 18 – February 1, 2024 (June 30, 2023)

Corporate Sponsors: Joining as a Corporate Sponsor is: Bart, SQ1K – Embroidery For Ham Radio Bart is providing the team with TX5S clothing which will also be available at his webstores at: and Equipment Week: The first of two equipment consolidation projects occurred on June 6 – 8, 2023. Team members met in California to begin the process of emptying and inventorying and our equipment storage locker to make room for TX5S equipment.

John Kennon N7CQQ, a veteran of three Clipperton DXpeditions, donated equipment from his previous projects. Most importantly are the 220VAC power grid and rebar tent / antenna staking solutions used in past years.

The next planned equipment meeting will be in December, 2023 to integrate, test and repack the DXpedition equipment. Beginning in July we will be sourcing the campsite tents, generators and other logistics.

Satellite Update: Our satellite station manager, Andreas N6NU reports the following preparation activities:

First QSO’s made on the IO-117 (GreenCube) Satellite. This Satellite has passes that last over an hour and has a huge footprint since it is in an almost 6,000 KM orbit.

Andreas has an 11 Element 70CM antenna, RAS Mini AZ/EL rotator with Green Heron Controller, Icom IC-9100H, Rigblaster TI-5000 and Icom AG-35 mast mounted pre-amp. The 6ft mast uses a home brew base. The next step is to configure an Icom IC-9700 as backup. Then on to RS44 and 6m and 23 cm EME.

We appreciate the help and advice offered by several AMSAT members.

Ham Radio Events: We met many DXers at the Dayton Hamvention and at Ham Radio Friedrichshafen (Germany). Next stop will be Tokyo Ham Fair in August where we will attend a DX Seminar / Dinner on Saturday, August 19th. Additional details:

Fundraising: Our fundraising campaign continues with 29 Clubs / Foundations and 147 individuals showing their support for the project.

At 31% of the target, we still have a long way to go in order to reach the goal of 50% team member funding of the estimated project cost of $350,000(USD). If you need Clipperton for an ATNO, or will work us, we would appreciate your help, most bills must be paid before we sail. We wish to thank those organizations and individuals who have already pledged their support to TX5S.

Since the last press release the following organizations have joined the project as sponsors:

– The German DX Foundation – with a significant grant to TX5S
– Kansas City DX Club
– Nara DX Association
– Radio Society of Great Britain (RSGB)
– GMDX Group
– West Tennessee DX Association
– Dominion DX Group
– Tokyo 610 Group
– East Tennessee DX Association
– Madison DX Club
– Tennessee Valley DX Association

Social Media: You can follow us on Facebook:
Additional details will be released as they develop. Website: Facebook: Please direct your questions to:

73, Clipperton 2024 Team