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US Dollar Hits New Low

I have been watching the value of the US Dollar fall, fall and fall some more, from $1.75 to $1.82 then $1.90 to the GB£ Sterling. This affects the value of dollars coming in for postal QSL card requests.
Although for the time being I will accept $2 for one QSL card, it is getting very close to having to increase this to $3 for one QSL.
Please if possible use my Online QSL Request System OQRS instead of posting QSL cards to me.

VK9MT QSL Shipment nearly ready!

IMG 1132

VK9MT Double QSL has been printed, Max reports that the first box will soon by leaving the office in Belgium.

Photograph by Max, ON5UR. Thank you.



VK9MT QSL Preview


The Mellish Reef VK9MT QSL card has now been designed and will be in the print room from May 11th. Thanks to Max ON5UR for the design work.

There will be two designs, a 4 sided card folded card for direct QSL and a 2 sided card that will be mainly used for bureau use, and also for direct when more than 10 QSO’s are needed.

If you still have not requested your QSL? Please use the OQRS:

Schedule for posting: We expect to be able to post all QSL cards Direct on 2nd June and Bureau QSL cards will be posted to all World Bureau soon after.

So far, 14,200 QSOs (35%) have been marked up for QSL either direct or bureau.



QSL Status

So what has been happening in recent weeks since you made your OQRS request for VK9MT?
What is the status of the QSL?

While the VK9MT team were working their way back home from the Pacific, work here at the QSL management Bureau has been going well, but just WHAT have I been doing?

Firstly there were many emails, logging enuiries, questions that had to be answered, this was done, the busted calls were corrected, the log was uploaded to LoTW with permission from the VK9MT team.

OQRS requests came in fast and so far all Direct and Bureau OQRS requests have been “Processed”

What does “processed” mean? and why haven’t I got the QSL yet?
This is what many of you are asking, “Processed” means that your OQRS request has been processed into the log for direct or bureau QSL. It cannot be posted yet because the QSL cards have yet to be printed.
OQRS is NOT Ebay! Just because you pay by PayPal, it does not mean you get the QSL in 10 days! The QSL process works exactly the same as if the QSL was posted to me.

All direct letters have also been processed through the logs and all envelopes are now in country order in seven mail trays in my office.

Sponsoring DX organisations often request QSL cards for their members which I prepare and package up and post to the DX society HQ. In this case files from DDXG, DX Italia, GDXF, MDXC and Swiss DXF have all been received and processed through the log.

If you were a $50+ donor, I have processed your QSOs to QSL direct, envelopes have also been prepared and placed in the mail trays. These QSLs are being sent out free as a token of our appreciation of your support. 
Please use Club Log and check your QSOs are correct. If you think you have a busted, please email me.

Dave, K3EL was the team photographer and arrived home in mid April and started to sift through the images of the DXpedition to provide me with the photographs needed to design the QSL card. The photographs, the text, the logos are now all in the hands of our QSL card designer Max, ON5UR and soon we will be able to proof the QSL design before it goes to the print room.

That is where we are today, all on schedule and still working hard to get you the ATNO in your QSL collection.

QSL posting is scheduled for June 2nd 2014.