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Away until 30th September

After 12 months of planning, team members of 4W6A are beginning their journeys today. One of those journeys is being taken be me, so as from today the United Radio QSL Bureau will be closed until my return on 30th September. Of course you can still request your QSL cards by all routes as normal. My post will be collected from the PO Box daily. Your OQRS requests will be stored electronically on the server and the Bureau cards are being held back at the RSGB until i return home. If you have any questions, please be patient! I will reply as and when i can while I am away.

I have scheduled the posting of the OJ0UR Market Reef QSL cards for the week after my return home. So please keep your QSL requests coming!

I continue to find ways to improve your experience of the QSL exchange, many of you tell me frequently how you find my QSL services, hopefully with the introduction of the new OQRS (Online QSL Request System) by Bernd DF3CB your experience of the website should be enhanced. If there is any aspect of the United Radio QSL Bureau that you think could be enhanced please let me know, I welcome your ideas.

So what route will I be taking to get to Timor-Leste? After a two hour coach trip to London, Heathrow Airport, there is a seventeen hour flight to Darwin, NT, Australia Via Singapore. I will be traveling with Ant, MW0JZE. In Darwin we will meet up with VK8NSB, Stuie, (Team leader) VK8DX, Oliver & VK2IA Bernd, The following day we fly to Dili, Timor-Leste where we have some work to do gathering supplies, generators need to be picked up and checked, fuel, food, water all needs to be bought and then the day after on Friday 16th September the rest of the team arrive, 9M6XRO, John and 9M6DXX, Steve, fly in from their pre DXpedition warm up in Bali, Indonesia.

You can find out more about 4W6A on our website: Click here!


PRESS RELEASE NUMBER 6: September 9, 2011

This is the sixth and final press release before the 4W6A DXpedition. The bulk of the equipment, including the linear amplifiers, the Titanex V160E vertical, Hexbeam and other antennas, left Darwin, Australia, on 6 September. It has all arrived safely in Dili, Timor-Leste, and is now awaiting the arrival of the team next week.

9M6DXX and 9M6XRO leave Malaysia on 12 September for a transit stop in Bali, from where they plan to be active ‘holiday style’ as YB9/G4JVG and YB9/GM3OOK respectively. Unfortunately, due to a late change of airline timetable, they will not now arrive in Dili before the afternoon of Friday 16 September. The chartered boat taking the team and the equipment to Atauro Island has therefore been rescheduled to later that afternoon.

It is likely that only one or two stations will be on the air that day as the team will run out of daylight before all the antennas can be erected. The remainder of the antenna work will commence at first light the following morning (approximately 2115UTC on 16 September) and 4W6A should be fully operational by the morning (UTC) of 17 September.

4W6A will be QRV on all bands 10 to 160 metres, using CW, SSB and RTTY with up to four stations simultaneously. It is hoped that log search will be available, thanks to the Clublog facility (go to, but this is dependent on a reliable Internet connection being available on the island. Col, MM0NDX, is the pilot for 4W6A and is responsible for providing feedback to the team. He may be contacted at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it  The QSL manager is M0URX, direct (SAE plus 1 IRC / $2), via the bureau, or LoTW. The entire log will be uploaded to LoTW as quickly as possible after the end of the operation or, if possible, also during the DXpedition. Direct or bureau QSLs may also be requested using the M0URX Online QSL Request Service (OQRS) at (there is also a link from the 4W6A website at
We look forward to having fun in the pile-ups and we hope you have fun
chasing 4W6A. 73, The 4W6A Team.

YB9/GM3OOK & YB9/G4JVG from Bali (OC-022)

John, 9M6XRO, and Steve, 9M6DXX, will be operating ‘holiday style’ as YB9/GM3OOK and YB9/G4JVG from Bali (OC-022) from 12 to 15 September on a stopover while on their way to Timor-Leste for the 4W6A DXpedition.

Activity will be part time but on all bands 6 to 80m using CW and RTTY (YB9/GM3OOK) and SSB (YB9/G4JVG) using 100W to beam antennas.

QSL both YB9/GM3OOK and YB9/G4JVG via M0URX, direct, bureau, LoTW and OQRS.

Bureau cards posted (Click here for full list)

4,872 QSL cards have been posted to the following world Bureaus:
20.5 kg

Germany 629 QSL cards
Japan      550 QSL cards
Poland    394 QSL cards
France    342 QSL cards
Other        40 QSL cards

The M0URX OQRS (Online QSL Request System) is the easiest and fastest way for you to request your DIRECT and your BUREAU QSL cards. I post to all Bureaus here at least every 3 months.
Remember – You can log into the OQRS with your call sign and email address, you can check on when your request has been processed.
Remember – It does not matter if you worked 1 or 20 bands slots with one station, that counts as one QSL card.
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