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Islands On The Air 500 Certificate

IOTA 500

I really enjoy IOTA and after a lot of effort I have achieved the IOTA 500 Island Groups certificate for M0URX.

Many of the Islands worked to gain this award are thanks to the DXpeditioning skills and expertise of the Russians. Chasing some of these far away Islands have required some effort on both sides, from the DXpediton perspective and the DX chaser, especially with being at sun spot minimum.

DXpeditions include RT92KA Alyumka Island AS-092, RT9K/0 Dobrzhansogo Island AS-203, RI1F Viktoriya Island EU-190, RT65KI Idlidlya Island AS-065 R23RRC Pitchiy Island AS-091. Many of the expeditions have been expertly put together by the Russian Robinson Club.

VE3LYC Cezar & his team has also provided me the chance to work some great IOTA expeditions like ZL9A Antipodes Island OC-286Right…. now to work the next 500?

Can we help sending your Bureau cards? Yes!

United Radio QSL Bureau has an Outward posting to all IARU World QSL Bureaus 3 times per year.
I welcome anyone to use this service.

30,000+ QSL cards are posted every year.
£6 per kilo or 60p per 100g (Equivelant to $0.89 per 100g)
All QSL cards must be pre-sorted into the IARU Bureau sequence.

Parcels should be posted to:

Tim Beaumont M0URX
83 Limbrick Avenue

Tile Hill

CoventryWest Midlands




All parcels should be securely packaged using plenty of packing tape to seal the box against bursting.

Outgoing Bureau – We cater for all users of the IARU Bureau system, this reduces the financial burden on our National Societies. Mail is shipped to World Bureaus using the M-Bag Priority product for fast delivery to all World Bureaus around the globe.
All users of the Bureau are welcome to use the facilities here for your outgoing QSL cards. (By prior arrangement, costs apply) Bureau does not mean slow!
Our Bureau service is subsidised by donations of OLD Out of date IRC’s. Do you have any?