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Barry Zarucki M0DGQ will be QRV as D44TXP, Cape Verde Islands, 27th August until 11th September 2013 inclusive, on 20 & 40 metres, CW only. Power will be only 20 W, with wire antennas near the waters edge.

Barry will be QRV as a holday station with his family on Island of Sal IOTA AF-086.

OQRS Preferred Direct and Bureau.


9M6DXX will go QRT in October


After more than eight years in Malaysia, my wife Eva, 9M6EVA, and I have decided to move on to another part of the world. We leave Malaysia on 1 November, therefore 9M6DXX will go QRT some time in October. 9M8Z has already closed down; the last QSO from that station was made in the RSGB IOTA Contest in July.

We will be moving to Bonaire and we hope to be active with PJ4 callsigns before the end of the year.

Thanks for all the QSOs from 9M6DXX and 9M8Z (also 9M6DXX/P, 9M8Z/P, XU7DXX, V8FEO, V85/9M8Z, FK/G4JVG, T32MI / CI / VI / SI, 4W6A, GD4JVG and 9M4SLL) since 2005. It’s been fun! 

73, Steve, 9M6DXX

IRC’s No Longer Accepted


IRC’s can no longer be redeemed in the United Kingdom. Please note, I will NOT be accepting IRC’s. 

Any letters with IRC’s will in future be sent Via Bureau.

I am getting a lot of IRC’s coming in. People just ignore the fact I say NO IRC. No problem for me, the QSL will just go Via Bureau. PLEASE read instructions before you send ANY QSL cards. Information is VERY clear on QRZ and on this website.

Please check the costs below BEFORE you send me your QSL. No funds? No QSL SIMPLE!!!!

 QSL Direct
      1 QSL only by post     =    US $2           or Paypal 2 Euros. OQRS  (STRICTLY NO IRCs)

Multi QSL Direct – If you need to request more QSL cards take advantage of my Multi QSL offer.
As some of you DX and QSL as a group or friends, to reduce costs this may help you.

     2 to 4 QSL’s by post    =    US $3           or Paypal 3 Euros.   OQRS 
   5 to 10 QSL’s by post    =    US $5           or Paypal 5 Euros.   OQRS 
 11 to 20 QSL’s by post    =    US $7           or Paypal 7 Euros.   OQRS 
 to 30 QSL’s by post    =    US $12         or Paypal 10 Euros. OQRS