Archive - April 2022

Busted or Missing Calls? JW0X TX5N

If you have a busted or missing call in JW0X or TX5N logs please ONLY send this data using the “NOT IN LOG” button on the OQRS, this sends the inquiry to the OQRS log. The button is an integrated tool to the OQRS.
Please do not send ANY emails as you will be directed straight to the OQRS. I will work through the inquiries every day.

Very Important – FT8 – It is impossible to check ANY FT8 Qs until AFTER the DX’peditions once the All. TXT file has been sent to me. Please try to work again and follow the correct procedure for making a FULL QSO.  Only send a “NOT IN LOG” inquiry for FT8 AFTER the expedition has closed.

JW0X QSL Policy

For JW0X & JW100QO QSL Policy please read the QSL Policy page here: JW0X & JW100QO QSL Policy.
I have been asked about the personal Sponsors QSL’s. Firstly we do apologise, I have not had access to the data to upload to OQRS to populate the QSL and LoTW matches for sponsors. I have spoken to the team about this and we should have that done after the team return home. The data needs inputing to an XLS file and then i can upload the data. So, YES, sponsors will get LoTW and QSL directly.

Direct OQRS requests are being uploaded to LoTW every 12 hours. Please do not email me asking about LoTW, just follow QSL Policy for information.

TX5N QSL Policy

For TX5N QSL information please read the QSL Policy page here: TX5N QSL policy. 
LOGS may be delayed – Limited internet.
LoTW for Direct QSL’s will continue to be uploaded every 12 hours along with sponsors. No need to email regarding LoTW. 


2021-2022 Mailing Statistics

As the 2021 – 2022 financial tax year comes to an end, it is time to take a look at how our mailing facility has worked over the last year. Overall  12,207 items of mail were posted at a cost of £13,298.42. We post QSL cards, bureau parcels and magazines using the various products as shown in the table above. During Covid times the costs were going up and up, but recently, since January we have seen costs fall, as new mailing products were introduced this year. The day to day QSL card mailings have dropped by 11p per item which is taking us back to the postal rates for letters before Covid. We  kept direct QSL costs the same during that time.
DX’pedition QSL costs are very competitive as always and we welcome talking to DX teams about mailing your QSL cards in the future.
Bureau costs remain higher due to the worldwide shipping freight capacity under constant high demand. As we prepare for the next Bureau dispatch we are trying to find ways to reduce those costs. The biggest challenge to Bureau shipments is the worldwide customs regulations where we are seeing many countries putting a customs tax on Bureau shipments. No word yet from IARU about this matter. One benefit of Brexit is that we no longer have to pay 20% tax on sending mail to EU countries a saving of £1k last year.
With solar cycle 25 packing a punch, we continue to provide top QSL support to all.