About United Radio

Tim Beaumont, M0URX is a QSL Mailing Consultant & QSL Manager.

United Radio QSL Bureau have a  desire to provide DX’peditions a “One Stop Shop” QSL Management, QSL Design and high quality professional printing. All in one!
Perfection is not always possible, but is something I chase every day! With our QSL service we provide “Excellence”

United Radio QSL Bureau  was started in 2007 by Max ON5UR and Tim M0URX to provide a one stop shop for all QSLing services. Here are a few of the services that we provide.

ON5UR as part of this, sourced and designed a “DXpedition & Contest QSL” in runs of 1k+ cards where the design, card and print quality are better than what is on the market!

M0URX, & M0OXO offer a full free QSL manager service to all DXpedition, IOTA and rare DXCC stations, Contest Stations are charged only for the first print run of cards, the same for NON DX stations.

M0URX also offers an online posting service for all UK QSL Managers.

M0URX, & M0OXO Together provide an Outgoing QSL Bureau going to all IARU Bureau.

In partnership with HA5AO Pista, M0URX & M0OXO we designed a Bespoke OQRS system, the OQRS also features many tools for use with DXpedition teams to tailor our services to your DXpedition and also to speed up both Direct and Bureau postings. Live log uploading, Band Activity Module and more….

Vessel Charter DXpeditions For the most expensive DXpeditions we can tailor our QSL management giving you full financial contol to maximise your DXpedition funding. Email for more information.

A passion for DX and a desire to promote professional QSL Management, Design and Printing for all radio amateurs. Of course we are also dedicated to the phenomenon called DX!

To give support to DXpeditions, to give postal advice and assistance to UK based QSL managers.

We welcome International DX Teams to use our QSL facilities. We offer discounts on postage costs and can send all your outging international and national mailings, saving YOU time and money. Substantial savings on larger malings especially to USA & Japan.

Together the network of QSL managers collectively spend over £20k per year on postage which gives us the most competitive international postage rates in the industry.

We do not use franking machines or stamps, because these do not give us the discounts that we need on postage. Instead we use Postage Paid Imprints which is printed directly onto the envelope or label.

The QSL network also set up their own outgoing QSL bureau in 2010 specifically to get bureau cards to IARU bureaus quicker and more cost effectively.