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T88WA November 2022

A team of five Western Washington DX Club members will activate Palau as T88WA Nov 3-14, 2022.  6m – 160m and CW, SSB, and FT8 modes.

The team will keep the Twitter updates going @T88WA
November 3, 2022 – First of all, a big thank you to DX Engineering for emergency donation and shipping to Palau of an MFJ Ultrasonic RFI device for tracking down RF noise at the Bai near Choll Village where we were 
going to make our QTH. It was intractable S9 noise across all bands coming from underground cable and telephone wires running all along the island under the power poles.

Our big news after being shown six other sites is that we found a killer site with an expansive view across the ocean to North America. We can’t report on every detail of the twists and turns of our 
continuing attempts to get on the air, but an episode of Survivor was filmed here so we decided to call our adventure episode Ham Radio DXpedition Survivor. We reasonably expect sometime tomorrow we will get our first station on the air and continue building out the antenna field from there. We know the high bands have been hopping and we are also going to work hard to bring you the low bands, including 60m FT8. Our grid square will be PJ77hr and we will be operating at the entrance of the Badrulchau Stone Monoliths, a very unique archeological site akin to the monoliths on Easter Island.
We have much work today and tomorrow to transfer our 1500 lbs of gear and get our first station on the air. 
We are working out new operating and basic survival logistics on our new “Field Day” style operation, sans air conditioning, running water or electricity. It’s all coming together. We will work you soon.

See our photos on Twitter. New photos coming soon… @T88WA
@T88WA Twitter:
@T88WA Twitter: This evening we arrived for our 23h layover in Guam. One leg of the #JourneyToPalau left tomorrow evening. We were informed that due to the storm, our equipment delivery is delayed to the morning of Nov 3 instead of Nov 2 as previously planned.

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