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QSL’s In The Post


147 letters will be posted on Monday 25th February 2013, mostly V26BM & VP2MSW.

Bureau QSL cards will be sent to World Bureaus in May.


This is a reminder that when using OQRS to request your direct or bureau QSL. Please mark your log book that the QSL has been requested. I also suggest that you note down the date and amount paid.

The reason for this advice is to STOP you requesting the QSL over and over again.

The QSL cards for V63ZM. KH2/G3ZEM and 9U4U are expected to be posted out during April.

Please do not expect that just because you paid by OQRS, the QSL cards to arrive in ten days. THEY WILL NOT. First I have to wait for the images to be gathered from the team members, QSL cards have to be designed and printed and only once I have the QSL cards here can I then post the QSL cards out.

Not in log?

If your QSO is not on log of V63ZM or 9U4U please note that I will NOT be accepting or dealing with any emails until I receive the logs AFTER the DXpedition. 
You must try to work them again. If it is not in log then it is NOT a two way QSO it is as simple as that!

“It was 599 Both Ways”

I have lost count how many times that I have seen emails saying:

“The DXpedition got my call sign wrong, please correct the log it was 599 both ways, 100% rock solid QSO”

First of all it cannot be a rock solid 100% QSO if they got your call wrong! If you believe they got the call wrong, then you should call in again to avoid disappointment. If the team tell you are already in the log then it was ok the first time.

For a “Two Way QSO” to have taken place both sides of the conversation must correctly receive the call sign.

If the DX gets the call sign wrong DO NOT say “TU 599” Instead say clearly using correct phonetics:

“No No my call sign is G9AAA G9AAA” and wait for confirmation. If he comes back to the call G9AAB then just maybe G9AAB was also in the pile up. Yes that happens! Just  try again.

I sadly have to give a lot of NOT IN LOG reports because I often find that the call logged was 100% correct but another correctly logged station.  Today’s helpful tip for working DX!


I’m now in FSM Chuuk.  No radio tonight, as light lost before antenna work complete.  Hope to be fully operational
tomorrow, Thursday from around 1000z.

QTH Chuuk Islands IOTA OC-011 Federal State of Micronesia.
Please note that the entry is not correct for the IOTA reference, this is from a previous licence holder.

73 Bob V63ZM  – QSL Via M0URX

4 DXpeditions In 4 Weeks

With 4 DXpeditions QSL Via M0URX in the next month, I have listed below the QSL details.
All have LoTW uploads ASAP and all have OQRS facility.
Please can I ask that if a Bureau QSL is required to use the OQRS.
No incoming QSL cards are needed for these activities, so please save on Bureau costs.
 9-13/02/2013 KH2/G3ZEM LoTW daily  OQRS Direct & Bureau
13-23/02/2013 V63ZM        LoTW daily  OQRS Direct & Bureau
14-23/02/2013 9U4U          LoTW ASAP OQRS Direct & Bureau
10-18/03/2013 9M4SLL      LoTW ASAP OQRS Direct & Bureau
Please remember that QSL cards need to be printed AFTER the DXpedition, which can take four to six weeks. So using OQRS and PayPal DOES NOT mean that I will be sending QSL cards before they are printed. 


Sunday – Log updated on Club Log.

Saturday – In an email from Bob this morning he reports:

“I plan to be QRV 160m hoping to work EU from about 1 hour before KH2 dawn on Sunday morning……….that’s EU Saturday night.  Likely this will be my only opportunity for 160m while on Guam. KH2/G3ZEM”

9U4U Burundi February 2013

BDI map

will be QRV from 14 February to 23 February 2013 a Belgian – Dutch expedition team will be on the air from Bujumbura, Burundi
Their QTH is at the Club du Lac de Tanganyika on the shores of the Lake Tanganyika
For more information visit 9U4U Website

Direct – QSL Via M0URX – Please direct all QSL requests through my OQRS or Direct to my address: 

Tim Beaumont M0URX P.O. Box 17 Kenilworth Warwickshire CV8 1SF ENGLAND

Bureau – Please do not send any QSL cards through the Bureau. Incoming QSL cards are not required. Please ONLY use OQRS

Don’t Send It – Request It! – Use OQRS