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9M6XRO John

9M6XRO John reports that he is now back in East Malaysia after a short trip overseas. John says “I am back on air this week and I have now made a few QSO’s! Actually a very good one yesterday – EA6SA on 6m CW at well over 11500km, plus 5B4FL whom I worked last year” Well done John! John also reports that the Borneo Amateur Radio Club suffered another lightning strike recently, so will be going to the clubhouse to replace damaged co-ax.

HP3AK Panama


At last I have managed to log Panama, not a difficult entity to work just one that has taken me an age to log! HK3AK Jay was on 18.117 MHz this evening with a huge pile up from Europe, I tried to remain patient, it is not easy when you are only using a mini beam but not impossible! So thanks Jay for hearing my call! Also in the log today was TL0A Chris on 28.495 MHz from Central African Republic, on Multi Hop Es.
This afternoon I logged 9J2BO on 14.322 MHz Brian operating out of Lusaka, Zambia. TG9NX in Guatemala logged on 18.139 MHz so not a bad night in the end!

Pictured on the left is Jay HP3AK in Panama. 

This year like any other I am trying to work as many DXCC in the year as possibale, a little friendly banter between myself and some friends to see who can get the most DXCC or band slots. It is a difficult year with sunspots at a minimum so it is very hard going. SSB only here, I am currently on 171 DXCC in 2009. One application that you can use to calculate the band slots is by G7VJR Michael called Club Log that I have written about before in my blog, to find out more information about what Club Log does go to: all you need to do is register and upload your ADIF file.

Clusters and Sysops

Over recent weeks I have noticed a growing phenomenon of people deliberately pirating other call signs on the clusters causing great offence and upset to many hams around the World. It is time now to take action! It is now time to ask for solutions to this problem, in my mind the problem is allowed to happen by irresponsible “Sysops” that serve the Amateur Radio population.
My solution is to ask ALL Cluster Systems Operators to install registration details from all users with User Name (Callsign) and Passwords for ALL users. By being able to identify the offending User it would be much easier to police and less common for the pirating to happen. I also believe that Deliberate QRM would also lessen.
I use GB7MBC Spider Cluster and i would like to say thank you to Ian and Linda for taking action and being responsible in this matter. Ian is also Sysop for HB9DRV-9 the HRD Cluster which also operates a registration system for users. I would ask each and every one of you out there to register with the Cluster and Systems Operators and try and eliminate the abuse that I see on a daily basis on the clusters!
I am happy to list here your Clusters that operate such a registration for users so that we can only use Systems that operate in a professional manner.
Thank you!

CP8XA Ivan in Bolivia CQ 17m


On Monday evening I had a QSO with CP8XA Ivan Davison in Beni BOLIVIA on 17m. I was unsure if the QSL card would get through, so I sent a courtesy email to his  address. Within minutes i had a reply from his son which i thought i would share with you.

“I am glad that you managed to contact my father and if you do so again please tell him that his son said hi. 

QSL cards….the mail system in Bolivia is poor and due to my fathers remote location, sending QSL cards regularly is not viable, indeed, some times he doesn’t even receive some cards. 
Anyway, when I next get a rare call from my father I will mention this email amongst the other which I have for him, and I thank you on his behalf for the contact. When he visits the capital sporadically, he usually endeavours to send out QSL cards but this may not be for months.  Many thanks, and I enclose a picture, Son of CP8XA”


VK6JB John Bearsby SK


I learned today that John Bearsby VK6JB sadly passed away last Wednesday night in his sleep.
I only knew John for a short while when he asked me to look after his QSL management for him.
Through my blog i would like to pass on my sincere condolences to his partner Mila, family and friends. R.I.P John.

TL0A QSL Arrives In Post


Number 269 Confirmed arrived in the post this morning TL0A Christian operating from Central African Republic

Christian continues to be very active from TL from whichever band is producing results from 20m – 10m.

QSL is Via TL0A address in France

Christian Saint Arroman
Chemin de Mouteguy
64990 Urcuit,

Please do not send QSL requests to me! This is a BLOG!

Saturday 16th May 2009.
As the first sunspot group for some time gives us a welcome boost of optimism, propagation lifts just enough to be able to work JD1BIE Shigeaki Miyamae on 18.123 MHz today, a new band slot for me. Shige is operating from. Ogasawara Island (Group) OC-030 Volcano Islands. QSL is Via his call on
Pictured on the right is JD1BIE Shigeaki Miyamae.

QSL Request Form

A new feature on the site is our QSL Request Form, it is currently under construction, if you wish to Request a single Bureau QSL please use this form.
If you are requesting multiple QSL cards please copy and paste the information from your log into the “Contact M0URX” page until the Request form can handle multiple Qs.
Statistics from data here is that 1,000 Bureau email requests have been received since the website went live in September, & 14,000 QSOs have been confirmed by Direct & Bureau QSL here from all the calls i manage in 2008.
Please check the online log search first!! If you are not on the logsearch email me so that I can do a manual log search.

FK/G4JVG & G4JVG/VK4 Activity


Steve, 9M6DXX (G4JVG), will operate as FK/G4JVG from Noumea (OC-032) from 22 May until 3 June, and as G4JVG/VK4 from North Stradbroke Island (OC-137) from 7 to 9 June. Both operations will be ‘holiday style’ while celebrating his 25th wedding anniversary with Eva, 9M6EVA. Activity will be SSB only, using 100 watts to ‘fishing rod’

verticals on 40, 20, 17 and perhaps 15m. QSL Via Tim, M0URX, Direct, Via Bureau or LoTW.

On beahlf of all, may I congratulate Steve & Eva on their 25th Wedding Anniversary. Tim M0URX