ON5UR Biography

ON5UR – Van Rymenant Max

born 28.06.1969 in Diest Belgium.

I got interested in radio about 35 years ago… in the year 2000 I passed my first Ham test to get the call ON1DRZ.

A few months later I passed my CW ham test and since than I used the call ON5UR.

I really like DX-ing and contesting on HF bands.

Operated as: OK8UR – OY9UR – XU7AUR (Koh Poah Island) – XU7ACJ – HB0/ON5UR – ZB2/ON5UR – OJ0UR – OH0/ON5UR – 3A/ON5UR.

Since 2015 I’m also a proud member of the Belgian “Rockall DX group”.

Other interests: Since many years i’m really interested in DTP work(Desk Top Publisher), I designed many QSL cards for Ham friends…
In my free time you could find me always behind the computerscreen… 10 years ago i did say goodbye to my dailly job and started my own company, Maxi-Print

We design and print QSL cards and commercial printwork…

Now, 10 years on, we have a gallary of many thousands of QSL designs, and we still design QSL cards with a lot of pleasure every day.

I always joke: “Others print with colours, we print with passion”

In that way i found my mate and work now for many years together with Tim M0URX.
Together we run the United Radio QSL management Bureau, that goes perfect, because we both do it with passion and both want two dots on the Ï ,o)

So for us it is the perfect combination. Web: www.ON5UR.be