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W1DED Kevin interviews TX5S co-leader K3EL

W1DED Kevin, has interviewed TX5S co-leader K3EL, Dave Lloyd, about the upcoming Clipperton Island Dxpedition. TX5S is planned for January, 2024 by the “Perseverance DX Group.”  Dave talks about all things DXpedition in this interview. You can find out more about this DXpedition on the website link TX5S.

TX5S Press Release #5

For Immediate Release Press Release #5 August 8, 2023
TX5S Clipperton Island DXpedition (NA-011) January 18 – February 1, 2024

Camp Site Design: Detailed planning is underway.
Our current plan consists of two operating camps: CW/Digital/Satellite/EME and SSB/Digital.

The camps will be separated by about 500 meters, with CW located at the main campsite and SSB being the distant camp. The combination of distance, bandpass filters, horizontal and vertically polarized antennas at both camps will enable simultaneous operation on the same band. WiFi networking will link the camps.

The main encampment consists of ten sleeping tents (two people per tent) the CW tent, kitchen / dining tent and a HQ/networking tent. The power grid will consist of six Generac GP6500 generators. Five units will be on-line 24X7 and one spare.

TX5S Team: The nineteen person team consists of sixteen radio operators, one scientist each from the University of French Polynesia and the University of Orleans, and one environmentalist from the Association la Passion-Clipperton (France). The radio operators are each experienced DXpedition operators and/or contest operators.

Internet Availability: Confirmed (in writing) from Space X, Clipperton is within the Starlink footprint. We will have at least one Starlink terminal online 24/7. Logs will be uploaded to at least once per day.

Corporate Sponsors:- Elecraft has been a long time partner of PDXG projects, and the tradition continues. Elecraft will provide several K4D transceivers and KPA-1500 amplifiers to augment our lineup of K3 transceivers and KPA-500 amplifiers.

– SSB-Electronic GmbH (Germany) offered to supply equipment for the project.

Fundraising: Our goal is always to split the expedition funding approximately equally between the expedition operators and the DX community – organizations and individuals. At the moment we still have a long way to go to reach that goal, and if you need Clipperton for an ATNO or will work us for the DX Marathon or a club competition or similar, or just for the fun of competing in the pileups, we would appreciate your help. Most bills must be paid before we sail, and we wish to thank those organizations and individuals who have already pledged their support to TX5S.”

Since the last press release the following organizations have joined the project as sponsors:

– Eastern Iowa DX Association
– West Virginia DX Association – significant donation to the project
– Lynx DX Group
– Northeast Wisconsin DX Association
Sponsor logos appear on our website and will appear on the TX5S QSL card.

Ham Radio Events: We met many DXers at the Dayton (Xenia) Hamvention and at Ham Radio, Friedrichshafen (Germany).
Next stop will be Tokyo Ham Fair in August where we will attend a DX Seminar / Dinner on Saturday, August 19th. Additional details: was featured at the July Ham Radio Festival, Kansai, Japan

Social Media: Facebook: Website: Additional details will be released as they develop. Questions to:

73, Clipperton 2024 Team