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Bureau? Please use OQRS only.

I have a VERY important message for you today. For those of you requesting Bureau cards this MUST be done now ONLY by requesting using my OQRS service which will remain completely FREE.

There is a problem developing caused by those who ignore my OQRS system and send cards Via RSGB incoming Bureau. Incoming cards cost the RSGB and myself money.

It is simple. If you want a FREE Bureau service you must use my OQRS. If you continue to keep sending incoming Bureau cards that have not been requested then it will come to a time when we must start charging for Bureau cards. Times are changing and you must pay attention. Thank you.

8Q7BM from January 22nd

Raa Atoll

SM0MDG Björn
, will be QRV as 8Q7BM from Raa Atoll, AS-013 Maldive Islands “QSL Via M0URX OQRS Preferred”

Björn informs me: “My trip starts tomorrow and the license was received Thursday, so it’s a tight schedule. We arrive on Monday but it might take one or two days for me to get on the air. I am bringing a TS-590S and lots of wire, hope to be able to participate in CQ160. Will be active a few hours every day for about a week, but it’s a holiday and not an expedition so no promises.”

QSL Direct?

A new year is a good time to remind you that if you are QSL’ing Direct you need to enclose US$2 and a Self Addressed Envelope for the QSL to be returned to you.

Simple! $2 and a SAE.

No IRC’s, No Stamps & No Coins….. Just $2.

I think this reminder is important, because today I received 3 letters without $2. One contained an old IRC, and two others with no dollars at all.

Thank you.

UR Outgoing QSL Bureau “Send Service”

Just a reminder that United Radio QSL Bureau has an Outward QSL Bureau “Send Service” posting to all IARU World QSL Bureaus 3 or 4 times per year.
This FAST service is for all QSL’ers that may not be able to send these cards through your local society Bureau. Although I welcome anyone to use this service.

£10 per kilo. Pro-rata for lower volumes. or £1 per 100g

All QSL cards must be pre-sorted into the IARU Bureau sequence.

Special lower rates for DXpeditions.

All parcels should be securely packaged using plenty of packing tape to secure the box against bursting.
Email confirmation of packages sorted and dispatched.

All Outgoing parcels are posted using Royal Mail, Priority Air Mail and MBag Service for fast transit.

There are NO minimum or maximum user limits.

Almost QSL Direct Service by ARI

In times when the cost of QSL’ing is becoming ever more expensive, it is welcome to see initiatives to reduce the cost. I would like to bring attention to the excellent QSL service provided by IK2DUW, Antonello, at the ARI HQ. An excellent initiative that is proving a great success. This means that ARI members can use the service to get QSL cards “Almost Direct” from QSL managers like myself. I send monthly bundles of QSL cards to ARI these include the “Almost Direct Service” So please pay attention Italian hams, use the excellent service that your organisation provides and I will ensure that your Bureau and “Almost Direct” cards get to you very quickly.

Here are the Instructions for use. Courtesy of ARI

The QSL Service “Almost Direct” provides that the members send QSL cards of the stations operated by the QSL Manager with which the association has reached specific agreements. 
Requests should be sent to: Antonello Passarella IK2DUW – QSL SERVICE ” ALMOST DIRECT “ARI QSL BUREAU – Via Scarlatti 31-20124 MILAN

In the envelope you have to put the cards only for stations operated by the QSL Manager included in the list below.
Other QSL cards not included in this service in another envelope sent to the Association.

Read More

PJ4DX QSL cards posted


PJ4DX QSL cards have now arrived from the printer, I had asked Max to hold them over the holiday time to make sure that they did not get damaged in transit. 

60 letters will be posted on Tuesday 7th January.
Bureau requests have been processed waiting for the next dispatch.

We have had several people who have seen the QSL design ask what the little orange huts are on the main picture, Steve explains that they are former slave huts from the early 18th century. Perhaps not such a nice thing to have on a QSL card, but it is a part of the history and culture of the area.
(Actually I think it is where the QSL manager lives hehe)

MS0OXE Isle Of Tiree EU-008


Members of the Black Country DX & Contest Group will be QRV from EU-008 Tiree from 25th March to 31st March 2014.

We will be signing MS0OXE in CW, SSB and RTTY on 160 to 10mtr’s.

We will also be taking part in CQWW WPX SSB on the weekend 29th / 30th  March 2014 as MS0OXE.

Logs will be uploaded  to CLUB LOG once a day and LoTW on our return home.

All QSL is via M0URX OQRS

More information at our web site:

Twitter feed: @bcdxcg_m0oxe

73 de MS0OXE. 

Promo QSL


A new M0URX / ON5UR Promo QSL card has been designed to promote our work. The QSL is a sample of our DXpedition & Contest QSL cards in high quality. 

Paper: 300 gr.
Full Colour both sides.
UV Varnish finish.
Free Design. No Hidden Costs.

  5,000 cards €210 + carriage.
10,000 cards €360  + carriage.

Maxi-Print – ON5UR QSL Print Service

Van Rymenant M.
Markt 44 Bus 1
B-3271 Zichem

Tel. 013 783568
Mobile. 0496 762807

For M0URX QSL Management for your DXpedition with completely free service, free high quality QSL cards contact:
Tim Beaumont, M0URX:

New Year Posting

A Happy New Year from the United Radio QSL Bureau. I have been away at the Strumble Head Amateur Radio Klub this week for a few days away. Thanks Rob and Jane for your wonderful hospitality as always.

83 letters posted Saturday 4th January 2014.