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Office now open

I am now back in the office after a short break away. All emails and post is being processed.

Strumble Head Team Gather for Wedding Celebration

The Strumble Head DX and Contest Group, in Wales, will be gathering at their farm HQ this weekend to celebrate the wedding of MW0RLJ, Rob, and Jane.  The other team members (M0URX, Tim; MW0JZE, Ant; MW0JRX,
Oli; OM0AAO, Viliam; M0OXO, Charles; G4LDL, Tony; G3YBY, Ian; and G1VDP, Chris) wish the newly weds a happy future.  “They may, if Jane allows after all the chores, get on the air for some fun at some point to celebrate this occasion”, says G1VDP, Chris.  If so it will be with their MC0SHL call.  Details of the club and activities can be found at
MC0SHL Website.

Flannan Team safely back after the EU-118 activity.

The team finished the Flannan Isles operation this morning and safely boarded the boat that took them back to the Isle of Lewis early this afternoon.
On both Friday and Monday the window to get on and off Eilean Mor was very critical, Just a few hours either way and the landing and leaving would have not been possible due to the high sea swell making it too dangerous. I am sure we will hear much more about this trip soon.

In just two and a half days 8,100 log entries were made giving many the new IOTA for the log.
Well done to the team for a very professional operation!

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Liechtenstein 2010

Marc OZ1MDX will be QRV from Liechtenstein as HB0/OU4U from 21st June – 27th June 2010.
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1322 QSO’s uploaded to online log search. Last QSO at 23/06/2010 1309z (Does not include DIGI log)

MS0INT Flannan Isles EU-118


It was August 19, 2009 when the first seeds of a Flannan Isles expedition were sown. Ten months have since passed, MS0INT team are now in the very final planning stages of their island expedition.  

The first of the team arrive on June 15, followed by the rest the next day. Together, we all set off on the evening of June 16 to our base on the remote west side of Isle of Lewis. June 17 we see on air testing of equipment as MM/homecalls/p from EU-010. On June 18 we leave for Flannan’s, EU-118.  

During our journey to the Outer Hebrides, we aim to send images – and perhaps small video clips – together with short reports of our progress.  

Please note, it is highly unlikely we will have cell phone capabilities when on Flannan’s, so the online logbook will most probably be available after the expedition.
For more information the website is MS0INT

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Thursday afternoon: the team were testing equipment from the guest house on Isle of Lewis EU-010. They report that preparations are going well. They go by boat to Flannan Isles on Friday morning, they hope to land at 1300z on Friday and be active later in the afternoon.
Friday afternoon: MS0INT was reported “On Air” 1520z Friday 18th June! Flannan Isles EU-118 are now active!
Saturday 1800z: MS0INT reported working JA HL area. This was a target for the team as only 2% of IOTA participants from JA have EU-118 confirmed.
Saturday 1900z: Col reports 3,600 Qs in log. All going to plan.

If you have facility to record the operation. Please send audio files to us. Thank you.

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Spiderbeams! Just Why?

I am very surprised that I have not heard anyone comment about how unreliable Spiderbeams are for DX’pedition use. I can’t understand WHY Spiderbeams are so widely used on DX’peditions.

Nearly every DX’pedition that takes a Spiderbeam reports of wind damage and broken Spiderbeams. The latest casualty is 3C0C. 

The problem is with Spiderbeams is the shape, they just can’t take any moderate wind. As well as being very cumbersome and awkward to erect. Unless you have them at a suitable working height you may as well be using string.

Am I the only one that hears DX’peditions using Spiderbeams and reporting almost every one failing in the wind?

Am I the only one that when a DX’pedition uses a Spiderbeam we really struggle to hear them? Probably because they are set up too low. 

There is always a joke amongst a few of us here when we see the equipment list with Spiderbeam in. “We won’t hear them then!” 

Or am I mistaken and Spiderbeams are these wonderful DX’pedition lightweight wonder antennas?
All I wonder is why they are so popular? 
While they may be a good antenna when installed on a sturdy mast / tower they are just not built for the quick portable installation.

Sebatik Island OC-295 Update

Greetings from Tawau, Sabah…

John, 9M6XRO, and Steve 9M6DXX were unable to operate from Sebatik Island, OC-295, on this occasion, but we have been able to make arrangements for a 4-day DXpedition there in September. Further details to follow.

73, Steve, 9M6DXX