Bureau QSL Cards Received

Incoming Bureau cards arrived 22nd December 2010 for the following call series.
2,800 QSL cards Via M0URX.       Completed. 
4,400 QSL cards posted 07/01/2011.

QSL cards ready to send Via Bureau
2E0COV            3    9M8Z        135  M0XXT        60   ZC4VJ         336
3DA0OK          55    A25OOK     22  MC0SHL   160   ZK1SDE         3
5B/G4MKP      10    C91XO        41  MS0INT     160   ZS6/GM3OOK 10
7P8OK           100   CY2ZT/2      56  OY1OF       57
9M4SEB            6   G4MKP       14  OY4TN       40
9M6DXX & /P  113   HB0/OU4U  18  V8FRO       41
9M6/G3OOK      9   HH2/VE2TKH 8  XU7DXX       9 
9M6XRO & /P 368   M0URX       106 XU7XRO    179

Out of 2,800 QSL cards received 650 should NOT have been sent to me. Here is a guidline to help you in your QSL’ing.
Some things to remember when sending QSL cards.

1) It is very important to mark your log in the QSL SENT field. Mark your log B = Bureau or D = Direct.

2) If you send your QSL DIRECT. Never send the same QSL Via Bureau.

3) If requesting a QSL on a Online QSL Request Service, mark your log QSL Sent. Never send your QSL Via Bureau from an OQRS unless you are asked to.

4) NEVER send more than ONE QSL for the same QSO. If one is damaged or lost email the QSL Manager for another.

5) If my QSL says “THANKS QSL” That means I already have yours. DO NOT send me any more for that QSO!

6) Write ALL QSO’s on the ONE QSL card if you can. Do not send 10 QSL cards for 10 QSO’s.

7) All QSL cards Via M0URX. MUST be clearly written “QSL Via M0URX” Do not expect the Bureau to do it!

The above may sound like common sense but many of you are sending me up to 6 QSL cards for the same QSO by all routes. This wastes my time and wastes huge amounts of money for world Bureaus.

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