Could the End of the Bureau System be Near?

Yes, that is today’s headline. In January 2021 new mandatory worldwide security regulations will be implemented in ALL countries.

Some countries already adopted these mandatory requirements in 2019. Briefly, all international parcels must have a completed electronic customs data (CN22/CN23/Pre-advice).

Although QSL cards are “Printed Matter” exempt from the requirements (non commercial), when the parcels reach customs in the destination country and the parcel displays no pre advice documents then customs can and ARE today either returning the parcel to the sender or destroying the parcels as a security risk.

Here’s a real example: I have attempted multiple times this year to contact the Brazilian Amateur Radio society to ask them for help. Every parcel I sent to Brazil is refused entry because it does not have the required data “from” the IARU Bureau system. I have received no reply from Brazilian QSL Bureau.

I raised this matter with the IARU and was told that because no IARU Bureaus have raised a concern that the problem does not exist.

If the IARU will not implement the changes required to meet worldwide postal /customs regulations then what does this mean for the future of the IARU Bureau system?

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Tim Beaumont