Fast work Bureaus. Thank you

A big thank you to the IARU Bureaus handing our outgoing Bureau cards. Already just 3 weeks after the mailing we have had the following reported by email being delivered. Please email me if you can add your bureau to the list of fast hard working working bureaus?

S5 Slovenia Parcel received by Milos S54G – S5 incoming QSL MNGR. 09/09/2020
LZ Bulgaria Parcel received 10/09/2020
YU Serbia received 12/09/2020
UA Russia received 15/09/2020
ARRL Area 9  – Cards reported being delivered 18/09/2020
E7 Bosnia Cards arrived 19/09/2020
HS Thailand cards arrived 20/09/2020
9A Croatia cards received 23/09/2020
UR Ukraine parcel arrived 30/09/2020
YV Venezuela – Package returned “Service Suspended”
Twitter – Axel Schernikau @DL6KVA

“wow .. requested the QSL for Andy 5Z4/G3AB on 23.08., received it today via DARC-bureau (a month later) … great job as always!”

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Tim Beaumont