JW0X QSL Policy

For JW0X & JW100QO QSL Policy please read the QSL Policy page here: JW0X & JW100QO QSL Policy.
I have been asked about the personal Sponsors QSL’s. Firstly we do apologise, I have not had access to the data to upload to OQRS to populate the QSL and LoTW matches for sponsors. I have spoken to the team about this and we should have that done after the team return home. The data needs inputing to an XLS file and then i can upload the data. So, YES, sponsors will get LoTW and QSL directly.

Direct OQRS requests are being uploaded to LoTW every 12 hours. Please do not email me asking about LoTW, just follow QSL Policy for information.

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Tim Beaumont