M0URX.com Web update!

After eleven years using Joomla CMS for publishing my web content which has been an integral part of my QSL Management System it became apparent that it was time to upgrade the Joomla platform. The problem being that Joomla is becoming increasingly difficult and more costly to upgrade to newer versions. Some features of the site would clearly have to be redesigned or rebuilt. Also our Online QSL Request System is written using the latest PHP versions which my old Joomla version cannot work with.
So after discussing this with my IT guys at BarclayJames it was clear that the most cost effective way to go forward was to migrate the site to WordPress. Many thanks to James for the work to migrate the site, and for his advice and support which has been vital to the continued work here at United Radio QSL Bureau.
So welcome to my new web page!

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Tim Beaumont