MS0OXE – TIREE EU-008 – MARCH 2014 #2


9th February saw us test build the shack, everything except the antennas and amps. Pc’s, rigs, networking and log programme all tested.

We will have one station on at any one time and two stations at higher rate times.

Scotland GM is not the most sought after DXCC by a long way but looking at clublog there are one or two bands/mode that are low on the worked percentages. These are, 160 and WARC on RTTY. So we will put some effort into these slots.

With other dxped’s QRV at the same time, no QRG’s announced, search the bands or keep an eye on the cluster for MS0OXE.

During the CQWW WPX SSB weekend (29/30 March) we will be QRV on WARC and 160 RTTY.

The team will arrive on Tiree Tuesday 25th, via ferry and air. Notwithstanding, Murphy, we should be QRV on 30m/40m by dusk.

On Wednesday 26th/Thursday 27th and Friday 28th cw will take priority as NO cw or very little over the weekend 29th/30th.

Keep an eye on our twitter feed for the latest upto date news, @bcdxcg_m0oxe .

See you all in the pile ups. 73 de MS0OXE.

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Tim Beaumont