Need to keep your postage costs down?

As postage costs rise year on year, we are at that threshold where $2 barely covers costs outside Europe for a QSL, let alone covering other QSL expenses. So how can IOTA and DXCC DXpeditions be self sufficient? handle their own QSL management and cover all the costs like printing, labels, postage and bureau expenses?

Many QSL managers have chosen to increase QSL costs to $3, $4 or even $5. That is NOT our choice! There are two options that I would like to put to you, full QSL management and Independent QSL management. Both of these options include using Royal Mail’s Online Business Account for posting your QSL cards. Some years ago I negotiated an International Mailing Contract with Royal Mail that was designed especially for posting QSL cards from DXpeditions with UK based QSL managers.
Remember, using stamps is the most expensive way to post QSL cards. With this contract we have a licence for a Postage Paid Impression for the envelope while the QSL manager accesses the account through the website.

Full QSL Management.
Both myself Tim Beaumont, M0URX and Charles Wilmott, M0OXO have facilities to handle all IOTA and DXCC QSL management to provide full QSL services, free QSL printing, postage costs, free outgoing Bureau. OQRS and FREE LoTW handling.
Our QSL costs are: Direct QSL: $2 – OQRS: €2 and Bureau: Free.
You can find out more by going to either of our websites or

Independent QSL Management.
If you want to handle your QSL’ing yourself but need to lower postage costs then we can give you access to the mailing account so that you can handle your own cards.
You also have access to our Outgoing QSL Bureau at £1 per 100g. We post Bureau cards to ALL World IARU QSL Bureaus DIRECT every 3 or 4 months, using Prioirty Air Mail & M-Bag products.
If you are planning a DXpedition and want more information please contact Tim Beaumont, M0URX on +44 7976 292980

For the larger DXpeditions where you are posting more than 1.5kg to a country destination then we currently have access to the most competitive International postage rates in the business.
Whether you are planning a one man DXpediiton to the Channel Islands or a major Top 10 Most Wanted, we have the two options above for you to consider.

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Tim Beaumont