We receive many emails about our QSL work, thank you for all positive comments that is really appreciated. It is clear though that for some, OQRS (Online QSL Request System) is a bit of a mystery and need a little help, so here are some of your questions answered.

Q. I thought there was only one OQRS?
A. Many of you will be familiar with Club Log OQRS which is the most widely used OQRS. But there are many QSL managers and DXpedition teams that have their own OQRS on the web too.

Q. Why don’t we all use Club Log OQRS?
A. DXpeditions have many varied requirements for their QSL work, so do many DX chasers, so Club Log can’t please everyone all of the time. With many clients around the world, I would need access to about 100 different Club Log accounts to do my QSL work so this is why I have my own OQRS, all the logs that I am QSL manager for, on one account. (I also support Club Log 100%)

Q. Do I need to send you my QSL?
A. No No No, that is the whole idea of OQRS. For DXpeditions they do not need ANY incoming QSL cards, especially through the incoming Bureau that just creates extra work and huge costs for everyone. “Request it Don’t Send It USE OQRS” Then update your log to tell you no outgoing QSL was needed.

Q. My call sign is not in log how can I get this corrected?
A. On our OQRS Log Search you will see a “Busted / Missing Call Request form” Fill in that form and it will be sent to my work queue and I will reply to you directly. Please do not email me! ALWAYS check the “Last QSO in log date / time” The log may be waiting a log update!

Q. How do I pay for my QSL?
A. OQRS is fully integrated with PayPal you can see exactly how much the QSL will cost you in your own currency on the PayPal page. PayPal also allows Credit Card payment and payment transfers from your bank account.

Q. How do I know that you have sent my direct / bureau QSL?
A. When you use Log search and click “Request QSL” you will see the progress status of your request this may be “In Queue” or “Buro Sent” or “Direct Sent” OQRS Requested. Here you will also see the LoTW status.
If you see “Buro QSL Sent” Please DO NOT request another.

Q. When requesting a QSL what is the “QSL Via” box for?
A. Only use this if you have a QSL manager and want your bureau QSL sent to your manager. 
It is NOT for your email address, or for greetings and NEVER put M0URX or your QSL will be sent to me.
DARC members can put the DOK number here. 

Q. What if i have lost my QSO details? can you help?
A. No! Sorry i do not give out QSO details. You must back up your log regularly by ADIF on and off site. You should set up an account with CLUB LOG and upload your logs. That can be a one of your back ups so if you have a HDD crash then you will have not lost any data. There is now no excuse for you to lose your log!

Q. When will my QSL be posted?
A. If you are requesting a recent DXpedition QSL, remember please that QSL cards have to be designed, photographs need to be chosen, logos in high resolution sought, it can take some time to get everything in place. Printing usually takes 5 days then the QSL cards need to be shipped to the QSL manager.
If the QSL cards are in stock with your QSL manager, then posting can be a weekly process, or sometimes quicker if there is a sizeable mailing ready.

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