Please use OQRS!

As 85% of QSL’ers now use OQRS to request their QSL cards it is getting to the time when we will soon not accept incoming letters through the post here. The reason for this is that nearly all QSL’s coming in by post fail to include any costs for the return postage.
Please note that USA Global Stamps are ONLY VALID if you are posting the letter from the USA. It is no use to me here. UK stamps? NO i cannot use them here on our mailing account. No stamps.  
Please see the QSL Policy here: If you do not wish to abide by the QSL policy then i am sorry i cannot help you.

Using OQRS is the way forward it cuts out manual labour and your QSL will be in the post far quicker and secure.
Thank you for understanding.

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Tim Beaumont