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VP8PJ QSL Policy is on this link. $5 by OQRS or Direct.
Please read the QSL Policy it is there to assist you get the QSL safely.

Please note the team DO NOT have sufficient satellite signal to upload logs from the island.

March 7th 18:00z: VP8PJ Log uploaded to OQRS, LoTW will be uploaded daily from Direct QSL requests and from the Donor database. ALL Busted calls and NIL’s must be processed through the “NOT IN LOG” form on OQRS. NO emails will be answered. Please use the form.

March 6th 18 :00z:
Most of the equipment has now been transferred from the island to the Braveheart, with only a few items left to ferry over. 

Many team members are already on the Braveheart, the remaining team will be aboard within the next two hours.  It has been raining most of the day with cold gusty winds. We are all very tired! Everyone will sleep well aboard the Braveheart tonight.  VP8PJ Team
March 6th 01:00z: VP8PJ is now QRT! The pileups were enthusiastic, fun, & at times never ending. We appreciate all of you that participated!
The weather forecast for tomorrow is that of wind and rain. It will make our chore of tearing down the camp wet and very slow. We look forward to our return trip home.  

73! VP8PJ Team

March 5th 11:00z: We are pleased to report that we are nearing 70,000 QSOs in the log. 
Our plan is to remain active on the bands throughout the day. We anticipate ending radio operations and going QRT at or near 23:59 UTC.
Our attention overnight and tomorrow will be devoted to the large chore of packing the gear and then dismantling the camp.
As stated previously, we will attempt an upload of the log once aboard the Braveheart as we prepare for departure from Signy Island.  VP8PJ Team
We will soon begin the process of staging equipment and supplies on the beach for transfer to the Braveheart.
A number of antennas are being removed as we evaluate our “on air” activities for the remaining hours on the island.
Slowly, throughout the day, we will take operating positions off-line as we prepare to end our radio operations later tonight.
We cannot thank the crew of the Braveheart enough for their hard work and assistance throughout this entire DX-pedition. VP8PJ Team

March 4th 14:00z:
After consultation with the Braveheart skipper this morning, we will now leave Signy Island on Saturday March 7th. Improving weather and sea conditions are more favourable for a later departure. We will extend our on air operations by another full day. We will now operate through most of Thursday March 5th. Please disregard the earlier notice on the end of operations being later today.. VP8PJ Team

March 3rd  16:00z 80m antenna repaired earlier today. As the day progresses we will be on all open HF bands. Special emphasis tonight on 40m, 80m, and 160m, using both CW and FT-8 modes. Weather depending, Wednesday March 4th will be the last full day of operations.
Shutdown time to be announced. We plan to use most of the day Thursday to completely tear down the operating positions and the camp.

March 2nd  16:30z Quickly approaching 58,000 total Qs in the log. The team is outside in the blowing snow and wind repairing the 80m vertical for use tonight. VP8PJ Team

March 2nd  10:00z  Major winds swept through again overnight. The 40 meter 4-square is now a single vertical. Other verticals damaged again as well, but quickly repaired. Standing at 55,000+ total Qs. Depending on weather & sea conditions, we anticipate the following schedule:
– Radio operations through March 4th
– Teardown remaining equipment / camp on March 5th
– Depart Signy Island on March 6th VP8PJ Team

March 1st 17:30z The VP8PJ team remains in good spirits. We’re continuing to make ourselves available on the bands.
Heavy winds returned last night and today. Several of the verticals have been damaged, the team is out repairing them now.
Approaching 51,000 total QSOs in the log.
Next log update possibly in the next 24 hours. VP8PJ Team

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