Thanks to World Bureau Staff

Now, I know we all think that the Bureau is slow and that we are lucky if we get a QSL card after waiting a couple of years, but how about this?

On the 4th June 2013 I posted 14,966 Bureau QSL cards to about 70 World Bureaus directly. Since then I have had emails from Ukraine and Hungarian radio amateurs saying thanks for the Bureau cards that have already been delivered. But I have singled out the email below from SM4EPR Mats.

Hello Tim, I made OQRS June 3rd for 5B75FOC QSL. Today , June 24th , the QSL arrived through the bureau. That is kind of a record! See you further down the QSL log 73 from Mats SM4EPR

So I would like to especially thank all Sub Bureau managers, everyone that works as a volunteer at all the Bureaus! Job well done! Just 3 weeks from sending the packages I am most impressed!

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Tim Beaumont