International Mail Surcharge

We are in some very different times with the effects of Covid-19 and QSL mailings are no different. At this time there are significantly less aircraft flying between all the countries in the world. This means that the capacity for mail freight on the aircraft still flying is at a raised premium and as you can imagine in a world of supply and demand the price goes up and up. So we are hit with a flight surcharge on all our international post. I have looked into this very carefully and i have found ways to absorb this extra cost so that we can keep our QSL and OQRS costs unchanged. With dollar exchange rates very favourable and PayPal’s Micro-Payments reduced charge it is unlikely to have any effect on the costs of QSL requests today.
This of course remains a very fluid situation and I will inevitably continue to review this for the foreseeable future.

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Tim Beaumont