J38R Grenada

Preparations are ongoing and well underway for a March 4-16, 2024 DX-pedition to Grenada J38R. The group has expanded and as such we have secured a second house / QTH at the ocean in Sauteurs to accommodate more operators. We will be active with three high power stations and one for FT8-RTTY from 10-160m. For the lowbands we have RX antennas.

We will miss the expertise and company of our good friend Ghis ON5NT, who had to reschedule due to a newly emerged priority. Other experienced operators DX-peditioners stepped in and the group now comprises: ON4HIL, ON4MA, ON5RA, ON5TN, ON6CC and ON7RU

We can say with great pride that we have formed a team of operators who have experience in all aspects of managing a DX-pedition. Most of us have already successfully completed several DX-peditions. We will do our very best in trying to get everyone in the log, on as many bands and modes as possible. As Grenada is high on the “wishlist” as far as the lower bands are concerned, we will be QRV on 80m & 160m as well, but we will also give the newcomers the chance to work us as an “ATNO”. If a good internet connection allows, we will be able to offer “Club Log llive stream” so you can immediately check whether you are in the log or not. If this is not possible, we will upload the log at least on a daily basis. If you are not in the log, please try again!

Callsign has been assigned by NTRC. 

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Tim Beaumont