LoTW Uploading

I can’t even guess how many emails I get every day concerning LoTW upload problems. “Why haven’t you uploaded my LoTW?” “Been waiting still nothing” Nearly ALL of the problems are caused by those of you who think that just because their logging software uploads every QSO one at a time, that it actually does! Reality check here guys, it doesn’t always work.
I strongly recommend that you DO NOT upload one QSO at a time from your logging software but maybe upload once a week, and actually go into your LoTW account and look to see has it uploaded? Or has it failed?
If you find that you are in a position where your LoTW QSO’s  are missing, BEFORE you come shouting at me blaming me, go into your LoTW account and LOOK, search for the missing Qs. Check your side please before wasting my time. I am always here to help those who genuinely do not know what or where to look, they are the only emails I want to see okay? Thank you.

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Tim Beaumont