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Here on my blog page you will find all the answers to your numerous questions. There is a “Search bar” to the right you can enter key words to find what you are looking for. Please only email if you are unable to find the answer here.
I know how important it is to keep you updated on all the QSL mailings which is the purpose of this web blog so that you have all the information that you need.

Welcome PJ4MM

Welcome to United Radio QSL Management to Martin PJ4MM in Bonaire. OQRS is open. All direct QSL cards will be posted on Thursday 30th June 2022.

ZQ2TT June 2022

K1024 QSL-ZB2TTRobert, ZB2TT will be QRV in his spare time throughout June to mark HRH Queen Elizabeth’s 70 year Jubilee. Robert will use the call sign ZQ2TT.
QSL will be Via M0URX. Stock QSL overprinted label for ZQ2TT. LoTW will be uploaded from OQRS.

JW0X & JW100QO QSL Previews

Max, ON5UR continues to work on the many QSL designs and here are the QSL Previews for the JW0X & JW100QO cards for the recent DX’pedition to Svalbard including the special activity of the first QO-100 transmissions from Svalbard. These look really special and OQRS is open for your requests.
JW0X QSL status: 884 letters posted on 16th June 2022.

VK80LAN QSL Preview

The Month of March saw the West Australian VHF Group Inc’ host the Special Event Station Call Sign VK80LAN to mark the “80 Years of the Lancaster Bomber” Sorry that it has been a while but the QSL has now been designed by ON5UR Max, and the Photography kindly provided by G1VDP Chris Colclough.
QSL cards posted 16th June 2022. Via M0URX OQRS.

V31TG QSL Preview

TG9AJR Juan Munoz will occasionally be operating from Belize with his call sign V31TG. QSL Via M0URX. QSL has been designed by ON5UR and will be ready soon.

Busted or Missing Calls? JW0X TX5N

If you have a busted or missing call in JW0X or TX5N logs please ONLY send this data using the “NOT IN LOG” button on the OQRS, this sends the inquiry to the OQRS log. The button is an integrated tool to the OQRS.
Please do not send ANY emails as you will be directed straight to the OQRS. I will work through the inquiries every day.

Very Important – FT8 – It is impossible to check ANY FT8 Qs until AFTER the DX’peditions once the All. TXT file has been sent to me. Please try to work again and follow the correct procedure for making a FULL QSO.  Only send a “NOT IN LOG” inquiry for FT8 AFTER the expedition has closed.

JW0X QSL Policy

For JW0X & JW100QO QSL Policy please read the QSL Policy page here: JW0X & JW100QO QSL Policy.
I have been asked about the personal Sponsors QSL’s. Firstly we do apologise, I have not had access to the data to upload to OQRS to populate the QSL and LoTW matches for sponsors. I have spoken to the team about this and we should have that done after the team return home. The data needs inputing to an XLS file and then i can upload the data. So, YES, sponsors will get LoTW and QSL directly.

Direct OQRS requests are being uploaded to LoTW every 12 hours. Please do not email me asking about LoTW, just follow QSL Policy for information.

TX5N QSL Policy

For TX5N QSL information please read the QSL Policy page here: TX5N QSL policy. 
LOGS may be delayed – Limited internet.
LoTW for Direct QSL’s will continue to be uploaded every 12 hours along with sponsors. No need to email regarding LoTW.