Which Category Are You?

This following Blog entry was written by Charles, M0OXO. It is something that we talk regularly about, because the way we are spoken to, can have an effect on us, as people, and how we deal with your comments.

“After a series of emails this week and many more in months gone by, I have to ask myself how educated we are and how would we expect our behaviour to be perceived by others? Many emails are ‘open’ emails and when I say ‘open’, I mean they have no greeting, no ‘Hello’, no ‘please’ and no ‘thank you’.
Whilst I do this work, should I expect people to be like this or should I expect more? They send emails that just have the open questions such as ;

‘I am not in your log but you are in mine, why?’
‘My card never arrived why?’
‘When will log be on LOTW?’

Now before we start by suggesting that the language barrier is an excuse, well I’m sorry. If you can write the above message in English (even with the help of ‘Google Translate’), then I am pretty sure you can be courteous too?

What is wrong with people? What is missing?
‘Hi Tim…’, ‘Hello OM..’, ‘Hi……’ would be a good start and what about ‘Please’ or even ‘Thank you’?
Your Call sign would be a huge help and what about a Name, I have one and I assume you do too?
I get really upset by these emails that just seem to get worse and worse, quite often leading to me questioning myself, ‘should I continue in this job?’
Respect is earned, I get that but there is no excuse for no manners.
People can be arrogant, ignorant or even nice, I wonder which category you would like to be in?”

Christmas QSL Posting dates

Last QSL card posting before Christmas is today, Thursday 12th December. The next posting day will be just after Christmas.
OQRS will be open 24/7 for all your QSL requests.

What can i do with old IRC’s?

Donate your old out of date IRC’s to United Radio QSL Bureau!

If you have old out of date IRC’s please do not throw them out! You can donate them to our Outgoing QSL Bureau. 

We will return these OLD IRC’s to the UPU in exchange for stamps. You can help by donating your old out of date IRC’s and sending them to us.

Thank you very much in advance for your donations of OLD IRCs.  All money raised will be used to support our Bureau service.

Please post your old, out of date IRC’s to:
Tim Beaumont,
83 Limbrick Avenue,
Tile Hill, Coventry,
West Midlands CV4 9EX

South Orkney Islands DX-pedition  VP8/VP8DXU  (AN-008)

South Orkney Island DX-pedition
Press Release #8
By K5GS, Gene Spinelli

For Immediate Release- Press Release #8 – Dec. 3, 2019
South Orkney Islands DX-pedition  VP8/VP8DXU  (AN-008)

Team Staffing
We’re sorry to report that Dave WD5COV had to leave the project, replacing Dave is:
Alan Cheshire VK6CQ
Originally from Scotland, Alan has lived in Perth, Western Australia for many years and was first licensed as G4EEL in 1975 whilst studying for his commercial Merchant Marine Radio Officer ticket. He holds degrees in Physics & Telecoms Engineering and is a consultant telecom engineer in the offshore oil and gas industry. Read More

M0URX.com Web update!

After eleven years using Joomla CMS for publishing my web content which has been an integral part of my QSL Management System it became apparent that it was time to upgrade the Joomla platform. The problem being that Joomla is becoming increasingly difficult and more costly to upgrade to newer versions. Some features of the site would clearly have to be redesigned or rebuilt. Also our Online QSL Request System is written using the latest PHP versions which my old Joomla version cannot work with.
So after discussing this with my IT guys at BarclayJames it was clear that the most cost effective way to go forward was to migrate the site to WordPress. Many thanks to James for the work to migrate the site, and for his advice and support which has been vital to the continued work here at United Radio QSL Bureau.
So welcome to my new web page!

H40TT QSL Policy

QSL ONLY Via M0URX – United Radio QSL Management Bureau
*OQRS (Online QSL Request System)
* Direct QSL: Please enclose US$4 and a SAE. No IRCs or coins – Thank you
LoTW uploaded for all Direct QSL requests.

* Bureau cards : via OQRS ONLY
Please do not send YOUR QSL card via the Bureau
Bureau cards will be sent after 1 year.

Tim Beaumont
83 Limbrick Avenue Tile Hill Coventry
West Midlands

Keeping you updated…….

Just an update after a very busy time. While TX7T Marquesas DXpedition is over and the team members are making their way home I thought i would just give you an update as to where we are.

OQRS is open for all TX7T QSL requests. LoTW is being uploaded for all Direct QSL requests several times a day automatically, you do not need to send me emails. Our OQRS does the work not me!

Busted or Missing from the log? What you need to do is use the “Not in log?” button. Please use the facility provided it makes life easier for me and for you. Emails will not be responded to if you have not used the tools supplied on OQRS. I do have some sections of the log that show incorrect band and mode, so i cannot upload to LoTW the full log until this has been corrected.

FT8 / 4 logs have been as expected causing us some problems again with WSJT not logging about 1 out of 10 QSOs completed with “RR73” Again…. Please DO NOT email me, USE the “Not In Log?” button. Your inquiry will be sent to my work queue for manually checking. I have all FoxQSO and all.txt files from WSJT. I just need your patience while this is done. I have once again taken some serious abuse from DX’ers which is NOT acceptable, although these people that abuse are in the minority they simply have no understanding of the complexity of the problems that DXpeditions face with this matter. The teams are feeding back to WSJT their findings and it is a software still in development and DXpeditions testing the software is an all important feature of that development. FT8 /4 IS a game changer for DXpeditions particularly in low sunspot cycle.

Please understand the dropped contacts are not caused by the team or the QSL manager.

H40TT  Temotu – Rob and Grant are on their way home as i type this update. There was no cellphone signal to transmit logs from the Island> They have arrived at Brisbane airport where they were able to send me the final log. This has been uploaded to OQRS.
Log issues must be recorded on “Not In Log?” Button and NOT sent by email. Thank you

5U9AMO Niger– QSL cards were posted out on Thursday 28th for all direct QSLs received up to date.

When using OQRS please can i remind you that you MUST enter all QSO details correctly BEFORE you press proceed to PayPal, some of you are using Back Page on the browser whilst requesting QSL Please do not do this! You have to complete the OQRS correctly.

Please stand by for further updates soon.

TX7T Marquesas 2019

thumbnail TX7T final logo

TX7T will be on air from November 7th until 17th November 2019. Marquesas team have a website for more information, please click TX7T Marquesas 2019.
Logs will be uploaded to M0URX OQRS. Please do not send me emails. If you have a busted or missing call, please use the form on OQRS. Click button “NOT IN LOG”

IOTA: OC-027
Locator: CI00lf
ITU Zone: 63 CQ Zone: 31

Express LoTW for all direct QSL requests. LoTW uploads daily.

Bureau Posting November 2019

QSL cards have been posted to 87 World Bureaus – Monday 11th November 2019
This mailing is a joint mailing between M0OXO Charles, M0URX Tim & M0SDV Jamie.
I would very much appreciate feedback from you when the QSL cards start arriving at World Bureaus or received by hams around the world? This feedback will be added to our data below.
This mailing features cards from the recent expeditions,
The parcels are sent by Priority Business Mail to get to the Bureaus quickly.
Total amount of QSL cards dispatched: 23,541
Via M0URX 8,239
Via M0OXO 12,500
Via M0SDV 1,472
Via MD0CCE 941
Via G4IRN 200
Via G4ZIB 189

Total Weight 83,783g (gross weight includes packaging)


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5U9AMO Pierre QRV in November


Pierre, 5U9AMO will be QRV from Niger between 15th November to 25th November 2019
CQWW CW contest + CW activity before and after.

“In the 2013 and 2018 QTH i had problems with high noise level on low bands. This year i will have another QTH with more space for the antennas. I will try to install a 90 meters BOG and a pennant antenna. Unfortunately there is not enough land for a beverage.”
– Yaesu FT-991 transceiver (100 watts output).
– 13.8 volts DC 23 Ampers power supply.
– Spiderbeam 404-UL multiband antenna (10m to 40m).
– Inverted ‘L’ with 9:1 UnUn for 30m, 60m, 80m and 160m.
– 2 Spiderbeam 12 meters telescopic fiber masts.
– 1 Spiderbeam radial connection box.
– 2 x 25m Messi & Paoloni Hyperflex 5 coaxial cable.
– Win-Test logging software.