The CQ DX Challenge 2010 Result


Well done once again to Bob Locher, W9KNI overall winner of the 2010 CQ DX Marathon. Bob worked 285 of the 291 countries available in the 2010 Challenge and with 40 CQ Zones was top with a score of 325. I have to say that I read his book “A Year of DX” last year and was myself inspired to take part in the 2010 Marathon. It was tough, very tough and to my surprise I came 2nd in the World in the SSB Mode category.

SSB Mode
        Call Sign  Countries Zones Score

1st     N3CDA   246          40      286 Certificate Winner
2nd    M0URX  243          40      283  (73rd overall)
3rd     PY2ADR 234          40      274 

For me this is a massive achievement, as I only have a 2up, 2 down terraced plot of land. The only antenna I have is a G3TXQ-Broadband Hexbeam (built by MW0JZE) which is mounted on a 12m Tennamast type mast at the back of the house. Only 6m through to 20m and no LF antennas here. (Waiting till I retire hahah to venture down there) 

So it goes to show that you do not need to have an array of towers with Yagi’s at varying heights to compete with some of the top DX’ers in the World. Being a postman I am quite often told I am lucky to have the afternoons to myself which last year enabled me to be on air and work some pretty nice DX while many where probably still at the office watching the cluster from work… (Yes I mean you Neil hehe sorry) 

However this may sound very familiar to some of you. I did notice that the Challenge becomes extremely addictive, so much so that you end up towards the end of the week planning your weekend NOT by the social events, or the family but “what is on the bands, who, what and where” Just how sad is that?

Deciding you can’t go to the wedding of your colleague from work because T32AJ is on air and the long path opening at tea time when the wedding reception starts is your only chance of picking that DXCC up this year! Yes, I can see you sniggering over there, because you know it’s true! 

This year I will be out of the running, the QSL work has kept me busy and has reduced my band tuning down to being a cluster tart. Take part in the CQ Marathon Challenge, it really is great fun.
2010 Results.

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